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What You Need Now (Beauty & Fashion) from Amazon Prime Day

I have been looking on Amazon to see what their picks are for Prime Day! Have you shopped yet?

I found several things I like/want or have used up and needed to replace. My favorites are always beauty-related followed by some great fashion deals including summer dresses which are my favorites for a hot day.

Take a look at my top picks:

I use the Revlon Hair Styler often, it dries hair quickly and smoothes my wavy, frizzy hair. I usually then flatiron any random pieces. This product works very well especially if you have fine hair as I do.

This girl did a great video about this tool and how best to use it.



Also on the Prime Day Deals is products from Burts Bees and Honest Beauty which I love. Both brands are relatively green, clean, non-toxic. I use the Lavender Oil and the L’oreal Mascara, along with the Retinol cream and the Hempz Body Lotion.

Did you score any Amazon Prime Day Deals this year?

I’m also looking at the book deals because I can never have too many books, check out those too!

If you want a Kindle, this is the one I have and I absolutely love it.

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