Take A (small) Tour of My Home, Part One


We moved into a brand new house after Thanksgiving but it took me until recently to start decorating. I have been obsessively looking at interior design /boho style on Instagram and Apartment Therapy to get ideas and inspiration.
I absolutely love clean, mid-century modern style and sleek furniture but with teenagers and dogs, that is not practical. My dreams of magazine worthy design and all white everything was scrapped in favor of bright, light, and a little bohemian vibe.
In our old house, I painted all the walls a pale yellow, then a few years later switched it to gray-blue but here I wanted clean white walls. I love a bohemian look with lots of plants and nature pictures. Hours have been spent looking up “bohemian style” on Pinterest. (check out my pins here)

I started collecting house plants and have managed to keep them all alive, yay! This is a big deal for me because previously I killed everything I tried to grow.  I have my eye on a fiddle-leaf fern and some hanging plants. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

In my office, I have a few glass mason jars with plant cuttings. I didn’t even know you could do this, cut off portions of plants and pop them in water and when they sprout roots you can plant in soil and watch them grow.
It really doesn’t take much to make me happy.

I bought this dream catcher from Amazon and have it hanging in my office. I am really into tapestries, dream catchers, crystals, Himalayan salt lamps and all of that. Very hippy. I am drawing the line at hanging beads in the doorway. But I want to.

Side shot of my gallery wall. This house features a lot of huge white walls and I chose one to do a gallery style of some photographs.  After perusing art sites and Etsy, I decided to use a few of my nature pics. If you follow me on Instagram (@CindyBokma), you know I take A LOT of nature photos, its become a real passion.

I looked around for the perfect wall hanging and found this gem on Etsy. I love it. Its light and large. If I’m not reading, writing, or taking pictures then I am probably on Etsy looking for the perfect faux cow skull for my living room wall. Or one of those rustic ladders for blankets. Or pottery. 
The white walls in the living room called out for a bold piece of art work. I had picked up frames at Michaels for two pictures that I bought but as luck would have it, I bought the wrong size frames and of course I threw out the receipt.
Nothing I could find would fit these things so finally I painted my own pictures and hung them.

I have this macrame gem in my entry way, on a narrow wall.  Money well spent! Another Etsy purchase.

I’ve seen a lot of the basket walls lately and this blank space needed something… or many somethings. Its a work in progress for sure. I still need a few more to round out the empty space. Still collecting them.
Every time I go out, I try to hit up the Goodwill or Salvation Army and check out their furniture and baskets. I really don’t know how people find mid-century modern sideboards and dressers for ten dollars or Eames chairs for twenty bucks off Craigslist because as much as I have been looking for steals and bargains, I find NONE except baskets which are cheap! The above were under $3 a piece.

I’ve been shopping at various craft shops, HomeGoods, World Market, TJ Maxx and Target for wall decor and rugs. I need to make a trip to IKEA because they almost always have great bargains!
Where do you like to shop? What is your inspiration?

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