Is stress killing you? Tips on how to manage stress


Is Stress Killing you?

 How do you not let stressful situations or people get the best of you?

If you don’t get a handle on life pressures, you will be looking at disease, high blood pressure, tension, aches and pains,  and so much more.

Tips for managing #stress won't work until you know the symptoms of stress. Do you? #stressmanagement


There are many ways to handle stress but the one that keeps coming up over and over again is meditation. And those who do it consistently recommend it as a way of getting in touch with their inner self, gaining insight, decreasing stress and so many more valuable benefits.

I used to meditate every day, ten minutes each morning but I have gotten out of the habit and I really need to pick it back up. Some people can close their eyes and meditate for hours, not me! I need help. I tried some guided meditation apps for my phone but my favorite is to pick a meditation from the variety of YouTube channels available and sit for five or ten minutes.

Here are some of my favorite channels for guided meditations:

Guided Meditations With Lisa Beachy

Meditation and Healing

Meditations by Rasa

Meditative Mind

Mindful Peace

The Honest Guys

Do Yoga With Me  (yoga and meditation)

Boho Beautiful (mostly yoga but some meditation)


If you have a meditation channel that you enjoy, please let me know about it!

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