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In addition to working on Hello Dollface, I just started a new blog strictly for health and food!

This past year, I developed a few stress-related conditions which have severely affected my ability to eat anything I want. Food and health and stress are all so closely related!

I discovered something called Oxalates, found in healthy foods like spinach, almonds, kale, many grains, and even fruits. I’ve written a lot about Oxalates as they are connected to many diseases and illnesses and not a lot of people know about them.

Since going on a strict yeast free, gluten free, soy free, white sugar-free, nut free, low oxalate diet, I feel better and want to encourage others to check out the links between food and health. Discovering oxalates was a game changer for me. I had been cooking with loads of almond flour, a very common ingredient in Paleo and Gluten Free cooking, when I made the connection to some symptoms and all of the almond flour and peanut butter I had been consuming!

Just look at the symptoms of reacting to Oxalates:

  • General – Burning, tingling or numb hands or feet, cold hands and/or feet, sensitive teeth and gums,
    burning lips, popping jaws, calcium deposits on cornea, vomiting.
  • Genital – Inflammation, red or purple sores or bumps, white patches or red spots, stabbing or stinging
    pains, pain that is not visible, cut-like splits in skin, clitoral pain (or penile pain in men), pain around the
    vaginal opening, painful intercourse, pain when touching the vagina or upon pulling the vaginal hair, and
    internal pelvic pain or soreness, rectal burning, pain, itching, spasm, redness, irritation, bleeding from fine
    tears, burning discharge, bladder infections, concentrated or pungent urine, and chronic interstitial
  • Urinary – Urine that squeezes out in drops rather than a flow, urethra pain that increases while sitting on
    pressure points.
  • Skin – Sensitive skin in general, pain when you tug on your hair, commercial products make you itch,
    burn or turn red, sunburn easily.

I am working on a Low-Oxalate cookbook which will be out in September 2018

For now, you can read about oxalates and health by going over to….

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