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Want to be happy? Spend money on experiences, not things


I love this infographic because it highlights something I try to do- spend money on adventures and experiences rather than just a bunch of stuff. Traveling is something we’ve done as a family since our kids were very small, and as a result, we have a lot of great memories.
For me, travel is the best way to make memories. I love nothing more than exploring a new place, taking photos and reminiscing about what I’ve experienced.
Some of my own personal favorites are…

Exploring New Orleans.


Spending time in Seattle.


Helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon.

Tour of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tequila tasting in Mexico.


Alaskan cruise.

We may not have fancy cars or an extravagant home but we have made it a priority to travel, especially with the kids which have resulted in some really great memories that will last us a long time.

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