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Review by Caroline Leavitt

vi31-3160658“The Vi Peel changed the face of chemical peels forever. The Vi Derm system completes the transformation.”

Okay, that’s heady advertising copy, but do the products really work? This system is engineered to give skin care maintenance in between regular peels. I have to admit I’ve never had a peel and the very idea gives me the willies. However, these products repair skin at the cellular level, refine the texture, and decrease fine lines and pigmentation. Who doesn’t want that? And the products are made up of powerful pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are scientifically proven to stimulate healthy function of the skin (we’re talking Glycolic acid, vitamin C, Retinol, Green Tea Extract, Coffee Berry extract and more good things.)

The Vi Derm(tm) Vitamin C 20% Gel stimulates collagen for visible toning and firming and has preventative anti-aging benefits. I really liked the gel, which is non-greasy and it feels terrific on your skin. The Complete Care repairs your skin, though I wasn’t wild about the coffee smell (I’m not a coffee drinker!) but my skin instantly tingled, which I took to mean that this stuff is working. The exfoliating body lotion feels great, too, but be warned, it increases your chance of sunburn, so you’ll want to slather on the sunscreen after use. Beautiful skin should be everyone’s birthright, and these products could make whatever skin you’re in, softer, younger, and more dazzling. For more info, please go here.

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