Victoria’s Secret Sneak Peek, new collections


Yesterday I attended a sneak peek of Victoria’s Secret upcoming collections. The event was held at the W hotel. I had never been to the W hotel and now, having seen the place, I want to go back and stay the night. Maybe a few nights. The place is visually stunning, all clean lines and open spaces.

 It’s open and airy and beautiful. They might have frowned upon my lounging on the chairs but look! Those couches were made for napping.

Victoria’s Secret has some beautiful collections ready for the summer, fall and winter. Just you wait.


There are palettes with cheek, eye, lip colors, all ready for the user to pull together a look quickly. These will be used at the upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show.


The scents…ahhhh, I’d like one of each. Check out the sparkly powder with the giant brush. Easy to sweep on some shimmer and smell great for the holidays. We all want to be sparkly for the holiday season.

Midnight Glamouris dark and mysterious and glam. I think of a 1940’s noir film where the heroine is a sharp tongued beauty with red lips and dark eyes.


Makeup artist Patrick Eichler showed me how to get a thin line right above the lashes and apply a dab of pale shimmery shadow in the inner corners of my eyes to wake up my tired little face. I want to try the Denimania eyeshadows he used. The gloss he put on my lips was a super shiny pinky peach color and it looks so natural but glossy.


Kristin Cavalleri was there, look how pretty she is! She’s using the Beauty Rush gloss which is super shiny, one of my favorites.


Jennifer Love Hewitt, I would have loved to have met her! For more celeb photos, you can visit Startraksphoto

We learned about Victoria’s Secret’spopular line of self tanners and bronzers, the Beach Sexy Collection along with Secret Moments Kissing in Paris, Beauty Rush Limited-Edition Denimania, Dream Angels Heavenly Flowers, Secret Garden Collection. Stay tuned for more features on Victoria’s Secret beauty.

And I learned that there is a bra that boosts your cup by 2 sizes! I heard rave reviews about this bra and when I arrived home, I looked at the Victoria’s Secret website to check it out and saw about twenty things I want!

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