Travel With Food Allergies, Spotlight on Vancouver


I absolutely love to travel and am making it my goal to do more of it. The focus of my increased travel writing will be traveling with food allergies, as I have super specific limitations on what I can eat (go here to see more about that!).
Part of enjoying the experience of travel is to eat local foods and visit places that are unusual. No chain restaurants for me when I visit a new place!

New Orleans was a city that offered tons of local foods and you probably think of beignets when you think about food in NO, right? I’ve always been careful with what I eat but I devoured this New Orleans specialty along with the chicory coffee.
Since then I’ve been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and am curious how easy it is to eat gluten-free in the Big Easy. I hope to get back there soon and report my findings to you.

The best place that I have visited (so far) for…
1. things to see and do
2. ease of finding gluten-free food
….is Vancouver, Canada.
Not only is Vancouver perfect for a wide variety of activities, but finding excellent gluten-free food is not difficult. I visited in August and want to go back as soon as possible!
I enjoy visiting for the photography opportunities like this in nature:

And the city:

and the culture:

And the food! Finding gluten-free food is not difficult, unlike some other major cities I have traveled to. One of my faves is a place called Juke, which you can read about here. I nearly wept as I ate because so much of what they offer is gluten-free and its so tasty that I had to check twice to make sure it was indeed gluten-free. It was!
DeDutch is another favorite, a breakfast/lunch place and they offer gluten-free food and even give you their ingredients which is so helpful!
There are also plenty of Whole Foods to stop in at and make a salad at their extensive salad bar which is what I did in Sedona. Whenever you travel, keep in mind the option of the salad bar. This has saved me a few times when there seem to be no other options.
No matter where I went in Vancouver, no one batted an eye when I asked about gluten-free food and almost all the restaurants were extremely accommodating which makes me extremely grateful because who wants to get sick on their vacation? Not me! A little more tricky is dealing with oxalates and swapping out some high oxalate vegetables, especially in salads but I will talk about that more in another post.

I look forward to writing more about travel and sharing my photography with you in the coming months! Also, check out my other blog, I Cant Eat Anything and pop over to Amazon to view my books, including pre-order for my low-oxalate cookbook!

Do you know of a great city to visit with photo ops and gluten-free restaurants? Let me know! Find me on Instagram at CindyBokma or on Facebook here  where we can be friends and talk about health, beauty, books, travel, and more!

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