Travel Series: Safari Park in San Diego


I am a big lover of travel and exploring a variety of places, taking photographs and having new experiences. One of my favorite places to venture to is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, located in Escondido, about thirty minutes outside of San Diego.
If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I take a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of photos of nature and travel. Being outside is really good for my depression and seeing the animals always makes me happy. Outside, with my camera exploring is soothing to my soul. I always manage to snap a few good photos when I am traveling or exploring.

The Safari Park offers big open spaces and a wide variety of animals to see and learn about. My kids have grown up visiting both the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park and they have a deep love and respect for animals.
This enormous, well-manicured park is fun to walk around but wear good shoes with arch support! You will be doing a LOT of walking through the lush park!
Kids will enjoy the numerous play areas around the park and there are places to stop and grab a snack as you venture around. There are a few cafes to grab a meal but if you are gluten free like me, there are not a ton of choices so your best bet is to bring snacks because you will get hungry, the Safari Park is an all day, or at least four solid hours, excursion!
You can manage to find a few things to eat that are gluten free, and usually very good, but the selection is not big. I hope places begin to use gluten free flour, there are some good substitutes like rice flour, in place of regular, so eating doesn’t have to be so difficult. My advice to you is to find out which restaurants/snack bars offer gluten free food and treats and plan accordingly.
You can learn more about the Safari Park by going here. If you are planning a trip to Southern California, this is an absolute must-see place. I always discover something new and I come home with about five hundred pictures!

If you love to be outside, you will enjoy taking in all of the trees, plants, fresh air. If you are a nature lover like myself this place is paradise with thousands of plants, a huge variety of animals, clear views of the massive blue sky, and countless photo ops.

There’s  a tram ride which is one of the most relaxing experiences you will have. Coast along while the guide informs you about the animals. It’s usually very quiet and very soothing. I wish it was longer than thirty minutes!

Keep your eyes peeled for the birds. They are easy to miss as they nestle into the trees.

I usually stay in one place and watch the animals with my camera ready.

This baby was just born hours before the photo was taken.

Do you have a favorite place to visit in southern California?  Let me know your thoughts! Find me on Instagram or Facebook.

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