Travel: Gluten Free in Sedona, Arizona

For many years I have wanted to visit Sedona, known as a magical, mystical place located in Arizona. Known for the huge red rock formations, canyons, and natural beauty, this small artsy town is a little over an hour and a half from Phoenix. If you are visiting, you will probably fly into the Phoenix airport.

My jaw dropped as I stared out the car window, watching the scene unfold around me. Vivid blue sky and desert plants for as far as the eye could see. I was rapidly taking photos as we drove, not wanting to miss any photo opportunities.



My friend and I were only in Sedona for an overnight but I could have easily spent more time there! Traveling with food issues is not easy but the places we chose to eat were all accommodating to my allergies. Eating in new places can be super stressful and sometimes I get stressed out wondering if I will find a place to eat without getting sick. People with gluten issues/food allergies understand how difficult it is to find healthy, gluten-free options (no fast food for me) on the go.

Here’s where we ate:

For breakfast, it was the Wildflower Bread Company– I was nervous about eating at a place with Bread in its name but you can modify your meal to be gluten-free. My standard breakfast when I am out is scrambled eggs with hashbrowns (make sure they don’t come in contact with flour products) and a small fruit salad or sliced tomatoes in place of toast. Sit outside because the view is spectacular!

The Chocola Tree: sit outside on the patio if you can. I do not love eating outside but I made an exception here! It’s a beautiful patio that looks more like someone’s lush backyard. From the trees hang dreamcatchers and wind chimes, birdhouses and other little fairyland items. The food they serve is all healthy- its a vegan, gluten-free restaurant. I cannot eat oxalates, sugar, gluten, and more so its always a challenge to eat out but I got a small salad with avocado and a coffee with coconut cream. I treated myself to a maple-sweetened donut on the way out. Delicious!

For dinner, we hit the salad bar at Whole Foods which is always a favorite of mine. For ten dollars I had a big salad with all kinds of vegetables and chicken. If you are traveling, I highly recommend Whole Foods salad bar/hot foods. Its very easy to pick what you want and eat for under $15. My friend bought a bottle of biodynamic wine and I had a little with dinner, sitting outside under a blanket of stars. You have to star gaze at night in Sedona. People have been known to see UFOs!

Of course, you will want to take a hike at Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock, places known for their energy vortexes. What is a vortex, you might ask? Here’s a great description:

A vortex is believed to be a special spot on the earth where energy is either entering into the earth or projecting out of the earth’s plane. (full info here!)

You can hear the wind whipping through the trees and if you are detail oriented, you’ll notice the old, twisted trunks of the trees, the many cacti, tiny lizards, and all the desert plants. The energy of Cathedral Rock reminded me of Joshua Tree, its raw beauty, and breathtaking rock formations are not to be missed. We visited towards the late afternoon and there was a chill in the air, not many other people around so there was almost a haunting feeling to it.



Nestled in the beauty of Sedona and away from the crowds is  Orchard Canyon on Oak Creek, a stunning resort with individual cabins. I did not stay here but I wish I had! When I think of my idea of a perfect, peaceful setting, this is it. Surrounded by huge red rock formations and studded with trees, this slice of heaven is home to an apple orchard. As we walked through the grounds, I turned to my friend and said, “I could live here!”

Surrounded by huge red rock formations and studded with trees, this slice of heaven is home to an apple orchard and beautiful grounds. As we walked around, I turned to my friend and said, “I could live here!”

If you go to Sedona, check out this place and see for yourself. My friend told me they cook fresh healthy meals suited to each person’s dietary needs. With the beauty of nature all around, what more could you need?



We did a little shopping and strolling around through the downtown which was fun but as always when I travel, my main goal is to capture as many photos as I can. I have over 600 on my camera and I am slowly going through each and posting on Instagram (find me there @CindyBokma)!

If you love nature, spiritual places, mind-blowing rock formations, a rich history, if you want to visit a little slice of heaven with blue skies and good food, you must get to Sedona. I cannot wait to return! Hopefully soon.

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