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At-Home Hair Removal Laser for Dark Skin: Top Picks 2023

Find the best at-home hair removal laser for dark skin with our expert-approved picks and helpful tips for safe and effective use. Say goodbye to shaving and hello to smooth, hair-free skin.
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Are you tired of constantly shaving or waxing to get rid of unwanted body hair? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are turning to at-home hair removal lasers as a more permanent solution to their hair removal woes. But if you have dark skin, finding the right laser can be a bit of a challenge. That’s because not all lasers are suitable for dark skin tones, and using the wrong one can result in irritation or even burns.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top facial tools and at-home hair removal lasers for dark skin for 2023.

We’ll compare their features and benefits, and give you some tips for using them safely and effectively. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to your razor and hello to smooth, hair-free skin, keep reading!

Why Are Most At-Home Hair Removal Devices Not Safe for Darker Skin Tones?

If you’ve got dark skin and have been dreaming of ditching your razors for good, you may have noticed that finding an at-home laser hair removal device that works for your skin tone isn’t exactly easy. 

Here’s why: Most lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light) devices use strong light energy to zap your hair follicles and stop hair growth. But when that light hits skin with more melanin (the pigment that gives your hair its color), it absorbs the wavelengths and converts them into heat. And if the heat is too high, it can lead to burns, pigment changes, and scarring. Yikes.

But don’t worry, there are new technologies and options out there for all the melanin-rich babes. To minimize the risk of side effects, look for a device that’s specifically designed for use on dark skin. These bad boys typically have a longer wavelength and lower fluence (or energy output) to keep things safe.

And as always, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and chat with a healthcare pro if you have any concerns.

To determine which skin tones are safe for their devices, manufacturers often refer to the Fitzpatrick skin chart. This chart classifies skin tones based on their sensitivity to light and the risk of side effects from laser hair removal or other light-based treatments.

Fitzpatrick Skin Chart

In this article, we’ll focus on home hair removal lasers and devices that are safe for use on darker skin tones, specifically those classified as types V and VI on the Fitzpatrick skin chart.

Top Picks for At-Home Hair Removal Lasers for Dark Skin in 2023

BoSidin at-Home Hair Removal Device
  • [Precision Hair Removal]: Adopt dermatologist-approved hair removal parameters for salon-quality results, achieving smooth skin effortlessly at home in 8 weeks. Hair in the armpits, bikini area, or men’s beard and chest is thick and has deep roots. These stubborn hairs require a longer treatment period than hair in other parts. As long as you insist on using it, you can get perfect results.
  • [Long-lasting & Efficient]: Utilizing third-generation continuous pulse technology to tackle stubborn hair, maintain silky-smooth skin, and be ready for any occasion with ease .Under normal circumstances, the skin becomes silky after 8-12 weeks. With continued, regular use, it will lead to a permanent reduction of hair growth.
  • [Customized Attachments]: Five dedicated attachments for face, arms, underarms, bikini area, and legs, ensuring focused and skin-adherent light with advanced filtering and curved design.

The BoSidin at-Home Hair Removal Device  is an at-home hair removal laser device that uses advanced IPL (intense pulsed light) technology to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair. This device is designed to be used on all skin tones, including dark skin, and can be used on the face and body.

One of the key benefits of using BoSidin is that it is gentle and non-invasive, making it suitable for use on sensitive skin. It works by emitting pulses of light energy that are absorbed by the hair follicle, causing it to gradually weaken and eventually fall out. This process is known as photothermolysis, and it allows the device to target and remove hair without causing irritation or discomfort.

Another benefit of using BoSidin is that it is convenient and easy to use. It comes with a variety of attachments and settings that allow you to customize your treatment based on your specific needs and preferences. You can use it in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you, and you will start to see results after just a few treatments.

Silk’n Infinity
  • PAINLESS & EASY TO USE: At home system can be used with any skin type and on the face, legs, arms, upper lip and bikini line.
  • SIMPLE PROCESS THAT WORKS: The 12 week treatment at-home hair removal devices uses a technology which uses pulses of light to permantely remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation.
  • NO MORE EXPENSIVE TRIPS TO THE SALON: Save time and money and get the same results as a professional salon treatment. No more struggles with old-fashioned hair removal processes like shaving, plucking or waxing

The Silk’n Infinity  utilizes eHPL™ (enhanced Home Pulsed Light), the latest technology in hair removal. This is an upgrade from Silk’n’s previous HPL™ technology, which combines galvanic and optical energy to more effectively remove hairs. The galvanic energy opens the pores, allowing the pulses of light to target the hair follicles at the root. The Silk’n Infinity can emit 400,000 light pulses and has a treatment area of 3 cm², allowing you to achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

The Silk’n Infinity enhanced hair removal lasers can now be used on all skin tones, including very dark skin. It’s most effective on light skin with dark hair.

To ensure safety, the device is equipped with a skin color sensor that scans your skin and adjusts the energy level accordingly. If your skin is too dark for the selected energy setting, the sensor will light up and stop emitting pulses of light. You can refer to the color chart to determine the appropriate energy level for your skin and hair color.

Mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device
74 Reviews
mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device
  • The me Smooth Professional At-Home Hair Removal System provides safe and effective hair removal, leaving you to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin all over.
  • ME Smooth is the only at-home device patented to use elos technology, which is clinically-proven and FDA cleared to be safe and effective for all skin types and tones.
  • Can be used on the face and body.

Introducing the revolutionary at-home hair removal device that uses a combination of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to provide permanent hair reduction. The mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device  is safe, painless, and easy to use, with a gliding technique and three elos settings. 

The elōs system is safe for all skin tones and can be used on both the body and face, as well as for all hair colors.  It’s the only system that combines laser and RF technologies, making it the most effective and reliable option on the market.

Me Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device-Skin Tone Chart

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