Trying out Rimmel Makeup

  As I’ve mentioned many times before, I love my green, clean, nontoxic skincare but when it comes to makeup, I do use some conventional products now and then. These products from Rimmel caught my eye and I really like them. In fact, they surpassed my expectations. My rule is thumb is 80/20, using 80… Read More Trying out Rimmel Makeup

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How to Immediately Get Long Lashes and Full Lips

  Who doesn’t want longer, fuller lashes? This lash kit will give you the long lashes of your dreams. 3D Fiber Lash Mascara with Growth Enhancing Serum by Simply Naked Beauty encourages lash growth by utilizing nourishing ingredients.  Lash Science uses a black mascara gel base and black, natural green tea fibers to create massive… Read More How to Immediately Get Long Lashes and Full Lips


The Lash Project Mascara

You probably know of Red Apple Lipstick, its one of the best gluten-free brands available. Now Red Apple has introduced their mascara, called The Lash Project. I’ll tell you my first impressions and then we can delve deeper into this product. Truly, its nothing short of amazing. It doesn’t bother my eyes, doesn’t smudge or smear… Read More The Lash Project Mascara