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Style: Shopping on Amazon for Clothes (Including COOL GRAPHIC TEES)

guy-in-graphic t-shirt

It’s only been very recent that I started shopping on Amazon for clothes. I also just discovered Aerie, which is a sister brand to American Eagle. I knew about it of course but didn’t realize what a large variety of jeans and shirts they offered. I recently bought a pair of high waisted jeans from Aerie, which are great quality and fit perfectly. Its always hit or miss when you order jeans online.

Typically I buy things online, mainly from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack with items like shirts and socks from T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. I spend more on jeans and shoes because I know I’ll have them for years. Anything trendy, I’ll spend less money because I know by next year the trend will be gone and I will be on to liking something else.

A few items that have stood the test of time are my olive green jacket which is lightweight and matches with everything in my closet. I have worn this jacket again and again. It’s the first thing I pack when I go on vacation and I have worn it from Alaska to New York and places in between!

Saw this wonderful coat at the J.Crew outlet today but went against getting it and now I can't stop thinking about it, hmmm next time I'm getting it

The above jacket is very similar to the one I wear and is from J. Crew. I found a couple that are under forty dollars: look here, and this one has a hood.

See? Along with that cross body bag and Puma sneakers, I am always wearing that jacket!

If you get these Puma sneakers which I wear for long travel days when I am going to be walking a lot, make sure you get the ones with the soft foam insides!

I was searching for a tote bag which was hard to find since most do not have a zipper across the top. Searching on Amazon for vitamins led me in a roundabout way, to find a purse that was everything I wanted- it was neutral, could be used all year, had that zipper I like, pockets inside and was durable.

I absolutely love it and rate it FIVE STARS.

Here is some Amazon Fashion Finds that I have on my Wish List right now:

I am searching for a decent backpack for travel. I like to carry my necessities like motion sickness pills, water bottle, snack and my camera plus an extra lens. This one looks like it might work plus its not too bulky. If you do a lot of traveling, invest in a good backpack!

For some reason, I am really loving graphic tee shirts. These caught my eye and are on my WISH LIST! I’d wear them with jeans or denim shorts plus a cool pair of sandals or my checkered Vans.



Me, wearing a WOODSTOCK tee (Lucky brand) plus jeans shorts and a macrame bag. Plus comfy Birkenstocks which I highly recommend if you have back/hip issues as I do.



I HATE sharing pics of myself but here I wanted to show you I do wear those graphic tops!


Be Kind. Our newest collection of graphic tees! With distressed, vintage style prints, these are your new go-to wardrobe staple. #graphictee #vintagetshirt #graphictshirt


AC/DC band tee


I love this look!


I like this one because I live on the California coast!

Jimi Hendrix tee



I love this Janis Joplin shirt! I am about to read a biography about her.



I hope you liked this post and maybe got some ideas for wearing cool graphic tee shirts!

*I just started using affiliate links to help offset the cost of running this blog, please consider using the links to help!
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