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Do you find yourself longing for a trip to Hawaii? Would you like to take a deep  breath and smell not car exhaust and garbage, but sweet smelling island flowers? Then you are in luck because the perfumes of Saffron James are made with Hawaii in mind. Creator Kate Growney’snatural oil based perfumes are  inspired by her time spent in Hawaii, growing up among the island florals. There are four scents to choose from:

‘Ume ($85) — Ginger absolute, waterlily, gardenia, yuzu, and mousse de chene.

Pūnono ($85) — Ylang ylang, pikake, carnation, vanilla, and Tunisian opium.

Nani ($110) — This scent, an homage to the Pîkake flower, pays tribute to the last crown princess of Hawaii, Princess Ka’iulani.

LE’A – Contains notes of Pink and White Plumeria, Pineapple Leaf, Passionflower and Hibiscus.

These smell amazing, with none of that heaviness some people associate with perfume. My favorite is Ume. I am so happy that they  are phthalate-, paraben-, and formaldehyde-free.

halle-berry-pure-orchid-bottle-300x300-4717390Next up we have Halle Berry’s fragrance, Pure Orchid.This is more dramatic, something I wear on a night out. The notes include, jungle cactus flower, lemon, blackberry creme, star anise, masdevallia orchid, giant sequoia and patchouli.

I wonder if Halle wears this one everyday?  On me, its slightly tropical learning towards sweet floral so a little goes a long way. You can find Pure Orchidat many mass market retailers (Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc.) and its about sixteen dollars for 15ml.


If you are more of a fragrance purist, may I guide you to Lavanila? Their delicious vanilla perfume is what I’ve been wearing most days. It smells like…vanilla! There’s nothing secretive about the notes, its all vanilla, tonka bean and heliotrope. It contains vitamins and minerals too.

What I like about this perfume, and the brand in general, is that it is created with pure ingredients,  no toxins or chemicals to harm the skin or cause major allergic reations. *Im a big fan of their deodorant too.


Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling was suggested to me by someone who knows Mariah. This person  happened to be hanging out with Mariah and asked what sperfume she was wearing because she smelled so good. And the answer was Lollipop Bling. So rest assured, Mariah does wear her own scent. And these are pretty amazing.

 There are three scents in the Lollipop Bling family.The scents are named after songs from her last album: Ribbon, Honey and Mine Again. Let’s break it down:

Mine Again features notes of magnolia, chocolate and raspberry. Ribbon is cool blue raspberry with floral tones. Honey,  honey-pineapple blend.  I have Mine Again and Honey and I love the way they smell, particularly Honey.

The site is pretty cute, check it out here. And turn up your volume.

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