Why do pimples show up in the same spot?


I saw the face chart (image below) and knew I had to share it with my readers.


So often I get pimples in random places and wonder why on earth they show up where they do.  Thanks to Vapour Organic Beauty for this chart! I am guessing most women get pimples in the chin area thanks to those crazy hormones.

I’ve long been of the opinion that what you eat contributes to poor skin so I watch my sugar intake and drink tons of water. And those large, cyst like pimples? I always get them after consuming what I call fake sugar like splenda or any other artificial sweeteners. 

Here’s more information about that topic and I urge you to read it!

If I could only wear organic makeup, I would probably do so. I’ve tried several products from Vapour Beauty, check out what they offer by going here.

I recommend the Atmosphere Soft Focus foundation which creates a beautiful and dewy complexion.

Why do pimples show up in the same spot?

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