Skincare benefits of rosewater facial spray


I am obsessed with Heritage Store: Rose Water Spray that I picked up while at the health food market recently. I spray it on my face after cleansing in the evening and in the morning, as well as when I need a little pick me up throughout the day.

Heritage-Rose-Water spray



Benefits Of Rose Water Spray:


1. It’s good for hair and aids in growth

2. Reduces inflammation on the scalp and on skin

3. Stimulates blood flow

4. Contains anti-bacterial properties

5. Contains powerful antioxidants, which protects cells from damage.

6. Helps to heal cuts, scrapes and wounds

7. Treats hair loss

8. The scent of rose is known to relieve anxiety, it has a calming effect and you can spray your pillow with it before bed.

9. Its anti-microbial properties make it a good choice for treating acne

10. Soothes red, irritated skin


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