Myths about natural beauty products… busted!


Here are a few of what I believed to be true statements about natural beauty products before I began researching and really putting various brands to the test. My mind is forever changed!

Natural Beauty Product myths….

Natural / Organic beauty products smell bad.

I used to think that anything that was natural would smell like the inside of a vitamin shop. Not true! While some very clean, eco-friendly and organic products may not smell like perfume (this is a good thing for your health), they don’t smell bad. Thanks to the absence of manufactured fragrance, they often don’t have a strong smell and if anything, the use of essential oils smell fresh and clean.

Natural cosmetics don’t work as well as my favorite drugstore/department store brand.

False! Completely not true. I have found that foundation from 100% Pure, Vapour Organics and Josie Maran offer clean, non toxic products that work just as well or even better than the high end brands I used to use. Often the color cosmetics are pure and derived from nature and the colors so highly pigmented that you don’t need a lot.

There are weird things in natural cosmetics.

I don’t know what I thought was in organic and natural products. Seeds? Hay? Actually, the weird stuff is in the rest of the makeup, toxins, synthetics, chemicals and additives that pose a danger to your system. There are good things in organic skincare like oils, herbs,  berry extracts, vitamins, minerals, aloe, flower water and more goodness that comes directly from Mother Nature with no side effects.

People who use organic products are strange.

I imagined pot smoking, non- deodorant wearing hippies rubbing grass all over themselves as the prime targets for the natural beauty and skincare industry. I don’t think this way anymore. I think those who chose to wear natural, organic makeup and use natural skincare are people who care about their health and may have a cancer risk and want to do everything to avoid adding chemicals to their bodies.  Or those who want to be as healthy as they can be and live a long and disease free life.


Its hard to find good products if you go natural.


You have to do a little research but the products are certainly out there and readily available! I happen to love researching so I’ve been enjoying  the process of finding excellent and healthy products. I advise you to do your homework however, and check up on the Skin Deep website here  before buying anything at all.


If the label says “natural” it has to be good for me! Right?


Wrong! I don’t know how companies can get away with loading up their products with toxins then announcing it’s “natural.”  I took a look at a few brands who boast natural ingredients and discovered them full of chemicals. Calling a product “natural” can be extremely misleading. This is where familiarizing yourself with ingredients comes in handy. You will want to stay away from these, often referred to as “Black List Ingredients.” Unfortunately, ingredients in personal care products such as cosmetics, are not regulated so these can slip through the cracks and consumers believe the  product in question is healthy or good for you. Synthetic chemicals that contribute to allergies, environmental damage and even cancer are consistently found in products that are labeled “natural” !


Organic and natural products are really expensive


No more than what you dish out for your favorite foundation at Sephora, Nordstrom etc. offers a nice variety of green beauty products and the ingredients are listed so  you can read them over. Sometimes there are sales and coupons which definitely helps! I reason that yes, the organic products may be costly but you use less because they are highly concentrated with great natural ingredients. It’s well worth the investment.

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