Hydrogen water



Have you heard about Hydrogen Water?
I just learned about this water and am excited about a health product as simple as water but with benefits.
I do not like any energy drinks with sugar or additives or chemicals I can’t pronounce. This is simple water but infused with molecular hydrogen which offers benefits to the body such as boosting endurance, reducing lactic acid, reduces fatigue and infuses the body with antioxidants. It also aids in fighting inflammation, helps with pain, is antibacterial and protects against cavities and gum disease.
Pretty amazing, right?
Here is the official info:

Hydrogen infused water is a new beverage category that infuses hydrogen gas into beverages that often also go by the names of hydrogen enriched beverages or hydrogen rich beverages. Hydrogen gas is dissolved into these beverages, and, much like carbonated beverages that are infused with carbon dioxide gas (CO2), this hydrogen gas will be delivered into your body when consumed properly or inadvertently released into the atmosphere if not properly consumed.

I tried the Hydrogen Water and its crisp and clean tasting! It is not carbonated or sparkling like seltzer but smooth. Why is it in a pouch, you might ask?  The pouches “have been designed to contain an effective barrier that retains this elemental gas until you are ready to open and consume.” I really like the way it’s designed, the pouch is not too big or bulky and is easy to grip and sip.
You can find more information by going here.

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