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I am on the lookout for more natural and organic brands and products so when I got an email asking if I’d like to try DeVita, I jumped at the chance! Vegan and paraben free, this brand offers high quality products that are also cruelty free. They are good for sensitive skin too.

I tested a few items and loved each one. The Lip Volumizer is a balm that features  ‘all-natural plant based peptide technology’ and it helps smooth lips and makes them appear plump and healthy. I use this all day long to keep my lips moisturized. Its very smooth and not  heavy.

The Lip Science Volumizer is more of a gloss and it is applied with a wand. It contains ‘Tripeptide-1 (helps guard against the breakdown of collagen), and Sodium Hyaluronate (moisture loving molecules!) which help enhance penetration and efficacy, producing the appearance of long-term volume-boosting and plumping effects on the lips.’ You can use it over lipstick or by itself- either way  you will notice fuller lips with a nice shine.

Every day I have been using the Prime Corrective, a primer that is tinted very pale purple. It is super smooth and preps the face for foundation or concealer. This ‘neutralizes imperfections without colored pigments’ and it’s like silk on your skin. 

I recommend allowing a good 5 minutes for it to set or else foundation applied on top will “ball up” which is not a big deal, simply wipe it away lightly with a tissue. When I let it set for a while (as I blow dry my hair) I find that anything put over it goes on smoother.

If you love a good BB cream, you will want to check out the Moisture Tints Beauty Balm from DeVita. It contains the company’s signature blend of |ab-so-lute| minerals™ “with active moisturizers and sunscreen, plus enlightening pigments, and DeVita’s signature age defying ingredients.” 

This is sheer and light, ideal for someone who wants to wear a little makeup  but nothing heavy. It improves the look of skin, making it smoother and more vibrant.

I love what I have tried from DeVita and encourage you to check them out!

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