Awaken your spirit with Ethereal – a new fragrance by Josh Rosebrook

colorful sky with clouds

I am so excited to share this amazing new fragrance with you. 

Ethereal is launching today and you are going to love it! 

Made with safe ingredients and featuring a blend of organic and wild-crafted essential oils, this is a warm, loving scent that adjusts to each person who wears it, enveloping you in a high vibrational fragrance that lifts your mood.

A sophisticated and airy fragrance that awakens the spirit with warmth and emotion. This transcendent celestial blend of earth and sky is an ethereal experience.

This new fragrance is sure to be a huge success as it checks all the boxes  – comforting,  long-lasting, unique, and guess what?… Anyone can wear it: male or female, young or old.

A complex blend with a dry down that is warm and sophisticated, you will quickly grow addicted to wearing this.

Ethereal is the perfect addition to Josh’s growing green beauty empire.  I’m hoping for a body lotion or oil in this exact scent.

A girl can dream!

You can find out more about this new fragrance and all of Josh’s products  by going to his site here. A few favorites of mine are the Hydrating Accelerator and hair spray which I use every day.

You can’t miss with any of his gorgeous products!

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