All-in-one liquid coconut oil


Made to soothe sensitive skin, this Organic to Green coco oil does everything from moisturizing to cleansing. I love the Vanilla Chamomile oil especially for after shaving my legs as it makes them ultra soft and velvet smooth.
The one product I always have close is liquid coconut oil, not only does it remove all makeup but it’s ideal for after the shower when skin is slightly damp. When I travel, I have this with me so I can cleanse my face and moisturize my body as well as add a drop to my hair and use as a treatment for sunburn or skin irritation. When I recently had a terrible reaction to an all natural deodorant, I used this to help with a red rash that broke out!
Organic to Green coco oil is cruelty-free, vegan and EWG verified, plus it’s made from organic and natural botanical oils. This brand is Kosher – Vegan – Natural – Fair Trade – Therapeutic Grade and Made in the USA!
Here’s what you need to know:
“Our liquid coconut products are non-greasy and non-staining that absorb quickly and won’t clog pores. Blended with organic and natural botanical oils, we have created a new way to care for your body with our liquid coconut oils.”

The coconut oil is made from vanilla, chamomile, calendula, and aloe. It can be used on adults and babies and the scent is very light and pleasant, not overwhelming at all.
You can find out much more about this brand by going here!

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