Alba Botanica Volcanic Clay for clear skin


I’m a big fan of Alba Botanica thanks to the fact they contain Vegetarian Ingredients, don’t test on animals, do not contain Artificial Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates or Harsh Sulfates.
Also, the brand is easy to find in stores or online and they are affordable. I’ve been using their Volcanic Clay products which help rid skin of toxins and impurities by harnessing the power of the clay.
If you are not familiar with Volcanic Clay, this is a wonderful and potent ingredient. It removes dead cells and impurities on the skin, treats irritated skin, absorbs excess oil, contains natural cleansing properties, helps prevent pimples and boosts circulation. What’s not to like?
These Alba Botanica products also contain Torch Ginger (known for healing properties) Lotus Flower ( soothes inflammation) and antioxidant-rich Yerba Mata.
I particularly like the Detox Scrub, there’s something about vigorously scrubbing the skin that not only leaves it feeling revitalized but looking radiant too. A good scrub gets the blood circulating! The Volcanic Clay cleanser gently removes dirt, toxins, and makeup and I noticed that pores look smaller after using.
If you like using masks, you will enjoy the effects of this one which softens skin and leaves it looking fresh and dewy.
Have you tried these products? For more information, go here!

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