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A revolutionary new way to get a facelift without needles, filters or false promises



by Caroline Leavitt

I am a sucker for any new beauty product. Of course, they all promise the world, and they don’t even deliver a small town. So when I saw Spencer Barnes LA facial instant sculpting wand (and there is one for your neck, too), which assures you that it can firm up your neck, chin and jawline instantly, without needles, filter, or surgeons, of course, I was deeply skeptical. I was convinced it was hype. Really? A face-lift without needs, or fillers or Botox? Plus, it wasn’t cheap, at around 100 bucks per wand, even though there is enough serum for 104 doses.

But I looked at the ingredients, which were all natural, mostly encapsulated time-released peptides that are found in healthy skin. The wand targets the problem areas and actually remains on the top level of your skin to keep delivering results. So then, I watched the videos, and I wrote to the company and decided to try it.

Both wands are easy and actually fun to use. You pump them so the fluid gets on the roller and then you roll the wand on your neck and on your face. I felt a little bit of tingling, but that was it. And then I looked in the mirror, and to my astonishment, I saw results. IT WORKS. Honestly. Truly. Really.

No, it isn’t a miracle. Yes, you can still see my wrinkles, but they’re really diminished. My skin looks brighter, I feel better, and I definitely look years younger, and how is that possible? Best of all, it works for the whole day, and the more you use it, the more cumulative the impact.

I’m not the only one to think so. Here is where you can see real reviews and images.

I think this product is revolutionary. I bet you will think so, too.




Caroline Leavitt is a best- selling, award-winning author, you can find more about her and her novels by going here!

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