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Skimpy summer clothes? No thanks! Here’s what I wear instead…


I really don’t like summer clothes. I’m not a fan of skimpy clothing and can never find decent shorts that I feel comfortable in, they are always too long or too short or the waist bunches up or some other problem. I like wearing jeans, boots, sweaters (which is why I prefer going to Alaska than the Caribbean for vacation) rather than shorts, tanks, sandals. But when it’s over 100* and I have to run out, there are few options.
Which leads me to a perfect summer dress. Nothing makes getting dressed in the morning easier than throwing on a casual dress with a pair of sandals.
Here are my requirements: The dress has to be long enough to cover my legs comfortably, I want to be able to move around in it, throw it in the washing machine and wear it to dinner or running to the store.
TOBI is a brand that was new to me, they have adorable, summery dresses that fit what I needed. An online fashion store, TOBI is based in Los Angeles here in the USA.

The above dress is not quite a maxi and hits my leg a bit above the ankle. It’s very light, flowy and the print is cute and tropical. I wear it with silver jewelry and strappy flats.

All of the dresses that I feature here are under $20! Find this dress here.

This dress is so dreamy! Its very light and flowy and reminds me of a day at the beach.  I wear it with nude sandals similar to these!
Here’s the dress on the TOBI site!

I love the hippy vibe of this one with the embroidery. I wear it with black sandals and it’s perfect for shopping or going out to dinner. All of the dresses are great for vacation, roll them up and tuck them into your suitcase, they don’t take up much room at all!
Since this dress is open in the back, I wear a bandeau top similar to this.

Here’s this lovely black maxi dress!

Head over to the TOBI site and look at everything they offer, there are a LOT OF CLOTHES to see. I noted several tops that I’d love to wear as well as more dresses and skirts! I’ve been looking all over for a white skirt and look! Exactly what I wanted. Let me know what you think of these clothes.
If you love fashion like I do, meet me over at Polyvore!

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