Shoes for Walking and Exploring



I’ve been doing a lot of roaming around with my camera lately and comfortable shoes are a must-have. Gone are the days when I want to just look good and not worry about achy hips and a sore back.  I remember about twenty years ago, going to the San Diego Zoo and wearing a pair of heels because back then, I was concerned with appearing cute. Well, it’s not very cute to have pain in your back and blisters all over your feet from wearing improper shoes. Thankfully now there are shoes that look good, are comfortable, have support and won’t make you reach for band-aids and ibuprofen!


I wear these Bernie Mev shoes quite a bit. They are perfect paired with shorts, a sundress, jeans. They are the Atlantis style and are so soft for feet and heels. Woven elastic straps adjust to your foot and the hook and loop strap allow you to tighten or loosen as the day goes on. The insole is padded and these feel like wearing slippers, super comfortable and they cradle the foot while also giving the bones support.



I wore these Ahnu Karma Maia thong sandals a lot over the summer too. They worked well with jeans as I wandered around New York City and took as many photos as I could. Super comfortable, there was no blisters or pain and I frequently slipped these on as I ran out the door.


These Mary Jane type sandals are the Malini style and are also by Ahnu Karma. Again, very comfortable and soft, easy to put on with anything from a skirt to shorts. As we slip into cooler weather (though its still warm enough for sandals here in California!) Both Ahnu Karma and Bernie Mev offer a variety of well made, comfortable shoes appropriate for travel, walking, adventuring, or just running out to the store.


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