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What is SIBO?


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I think its years and years of stress that have been bottled up inside and is now wreaking havoc on my body, specifically my digestive system!

The long and the short of it is that after a stressful year or so, I blacked out one night and had such a severe panic attack that my teeth were chattering like those wind-up false teeth that you can buy at Spencers (I remember going to this store in Paramus Park mall in New Jersey).

I went to the hospital where I underwent a battery of tests and nothing was determined.

From there, I started having severe stomach issues and took myself off gluten. This was around the time gluten was in the mainstream and gluten-free was talked about everywhere.

The good news is that I felt better and never had the blackout/fainting spell/panic attack again, but the bad news was that you are not supposed to take yourself off gluten before being tested because your tests will be inconclusive.

Though I have the celiac gene, I could not get a definitive diagnosis and will never know if I truly have celiac or not.

From that point on, I have not dealt with stress or bottled up emotions very well which might contribute to my litany of chronic issues including: pyroluria, adrenal fatigue, high histamines, candida, anxiety and most recently SIBO, which brings me to today’s post.

I’ve heard SIBO talked about and have read articles about it but really didn’t put all the pieces together until I had a detailed meeting with a nutritionist who told me all I was eating was wrong and I was doing more harm than good even though what I ate was technically healthy.

But let’s look at SIBO:

What is SIBO?

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) happens when you have too much bacteria / wrong type of bacteria in the small intestines.

The number one cause?


Which leads me to adrenal fatigue, and its also linked to Candida! Food sensitivities are also connected to SIBO. And oxalates are made by the yeast of candida which makes them difficult to break down in process in people like me who have a host of health issues.

I’ve also read about irritable bowel disease and SIBO, along with a lack of stomach acid in the stomach leading to SIBO.

It’s amazing how our bodies are so strong yet there’s such a delicate balance of everything.

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