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Toxicity in Fluoride: The Silent Killer

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I’d been reading about and hearing rumblings of the toxicity in fluoride for a while. When I brought it up to the dentist, he brushed away my concerns and said fluoride was good for my teeth. This interaction reminded me of when I refused a flu shot and the doctor encouraged me to read the CDC’s report on the safety of flu shots. The CDC is a biased government agency that encourages flu shots.

The government and pharmaceutical companies work hand in hand and “big pharma” helps to fund medical school so…it benefits many people to have a society that is sick and dependant on pharmaceuticals.
Do you know the ingredients in a flu shot? Formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury are a few red flag ingredients. Your best bet is to deep dive into investigating “flu shot ingredients” and reading about what’s really in there from non-government sources, here’s one.


But back to Fluoride.
Did you know it weakens our health? The liver cannot process fluoride and gets into our bloodstream binding with a taking calcium from our bones. Fluoride has been linked to arthritis, is linked to thyroid issues, calcifies the pineal gland thanks to a build-up of fluoride. If you don’t know about the pineal gland, its a gland that regulates hormones and sleep/wake cycles.  Its toxic to our kidney’s, and negatively impacts brain activity.

Fluoride causes the body to absorb extra aluminum which goes right to the brain. Did you know aluminum has been found in those who had Alzheimer’s? There is a link there that’s pretty well known. Its one of the reasons I prefer to use a non-toxic, aluminum free deodorant.
According to a 2017 article by Dr. Mercola,
You may be surprised to know the first American commercial use of fluoride, in the form of sodium fluoride, was to kill insects, lice, mice and other vermin. It was quite effective. In the 1930s, aluminum industry giant Alcoa was the largest producer of fluoride, releasing vapors into the atmosphere that crippled or killed farm animals and scorched crops and other vegetation. In those early years, many lawsuits were brought against Alcoa to recover damages from lost animals and crops.
Growing concerns about the seemingly negative effects of fluoride gas on human beings motivated the company to devise a means of recycling this potent industrial byproduct. The brainchild of water fluoridation was Gerald Cox, a researcher with the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh. He received a request to look at fluoride’s effects on teeth from Alcoa lab director Francis Frary, who was concerned about mounting lawsuits related to the fluoride pollution his plant produced.
Another motivation was the reality that disposing of fluoride waste from its aluminum plants was becoming increasingly costly for Alcoa. Previously, the Mellon Institute had been the leading defender of the asbestos industry, producing research showing asbestos was harmless and worker health problems were purportedly due to other causes. Using “science” as a smokescreen, the Mellon Institute was able to save the asbestos industry from financial catastrophe.
As a result of their success in using science to prop up the asbestos industry at that time, it makes sense Alcoa chose Cox and the Mellon Institute to craft a story around the perceived health benefits of fluoride. To ensure their success, Alcoa executives realized public opinion about fluoride had to be carefully and continuously manipulated.
In a bold move, they hired public relations pioneer Edward Bernays, who later became known as the “father of spin,” to head the U.S. water fluoridation campaign. Using psychological principles targeted at what he called, the “mass mind,” Bernays was quite successful in attracting public support for the widespread consumer use of fluoride. continue reading here.

When I think about the chemtrails spraying toxins, GMO ingredients containing toxins, fluoride in drinking water, toxins in flu shots, it makes me want to move to a desolate spot where I can grow my own food and breathe clean air! I like natural remedies vs. pharmaceuticals and if I could eat only organic forever, I’d do it.
As always, you have to do your own research and keep an open and discerning mind when you do. For more on this toxin, go here.