Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion Review


I consider myself not to be so much as a fashion expert but a cultural anthropologist specializing in Hollywood.  I’ve been watching these awards shows since I was a little girl, begging my mother to let me stay up past my bedtime so I could witness the Red Carpet arrivals. I love seeing how the women are dressed (regarding the men-you can only do so much with a tuxedo) and how the hair is styled and which accessories look right.

I’ve been to handful of Hollywood events myself and know firsthand how hard it is to find the perfect outfit. I’ve failed several times. Last year I attended a big event and spent my time  distressed over my clunky boots, trying to tuck them under the white leather couch where I parked myself. I should have used  tips from financing -site Mozo to save money for the perfect accessories, make-up and stylist not to mention better shoes! Everybody has seen millionaire celebrities looking frumpy– having the cash for an outfit doesn’t guarantee that it works.

Here’s my take on the fashions of the SAG’s last night. Take it with a grain of salt. Preferably with tequila.

I posted this so we could see Nicole Kidman’s dress. Its very different than any other gown. I like it but not sure if the intricate bead work showed up well on television vs. in person- I bet in real life it was stunning.

Glee girls! Jayma Mays and Jessalyn Gilsig. I like seeing lots of color on the Red Carpet. I’m a fan of that purple number and like the criss-crossy bands but wonder if its uncomfortable.

Gabourey Sidibe and Mo’nique. Again, I love the color. I think Mo’nique could have found a fancier dress…maybe  long, multiple strings of diamonds would have perked it up.

Tina Fey is playing it safe in her dress. I’m torn about short dresses at awards shows. Should the dresses be long? I think shorter dresses for day, longer dresses for night but what do I know? Two thumbs up for the hair, fancy shoes and accessories.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss is perfection. I appreciate how age-appropriate it is, no plunging neckline, nothing tawdry. I can see where the makeup artist was going with the strong eye and soft lip but with that dark hair, she could have pulled off  a deep crimson lip color. But really, it all works!

Dianna Agron is gorgeous. Gorgeous! I like the white draped gown (and purse and jewelry) but feel that she has curtain rods over each breast. If the top went straight across, I would like the whole deal better. Other than that its an  A+.

Vera Farmiga I adore this soft, diaphanous gown with exception to the waistline. Waists are tricky. Too high and it  looks like an empire gown (which usually looks like maternity), too low and you become hippy even if you are not. I would like the waist of this dress without a belt, maybe just gently whisper over her waist with no ornamentation.

I KNOW Sophia Lorenis a legend. I KNOW she’s  glam and sexy (?). But her giant glasses aren’t working for me and I’m nothing if not honest. Her choker and earrings do not belong together. For a class act who always dresses nicely, see Helen Mirren. I don’t have a photo of her here but nine times out of ten, she looks lovely.We could easily remedy Sophia’s look by removing the choker, painting her lips red and swapping out her bifocals for chic frames.

Mariah, Mariah… I applaud the fact she covered up her chest (for the most part). But she always looks like she should be on the front of a ship, her bust is distracting me! I want to see something demure, a gown that holds her top half in better. Perhaps the dress Sandra Bullock wore?

I haven’t been a fan of side-styled hair since the asymmetrical coifs of the 80’s. I would have liked her hair in loose waves all the way around.

Julie Benz in decked out in  a beautiful color. I’m not completely on board with the hair but I like everything else. And the dress looks comfortable, she can probably breathe, and even eat in it! Some might say it looks like  rags sewn on, but I like it.

First of all Lea Michele’s talent blows me away. Second, she nailed this look! The green against her dark hair, the flattering dress, the diamond cuff, I love it all. I like that she doesn’t have giant fake boobs too, I’m all for small but natural. PS. She wasn’t wearing double sided tape to hold the gown in place- I would be nervous about a wardrobe malfunction!

Simple, not fussy- Sandra Bullock is low-key glamorous. I could see myself in this dress, I like to be covered up since I’m usually cold. Here again is a dress made for comfort. She’s got the right accessories and nice hair. Looking good, Sandy!

Marion Cotillard is so pretty.  But again, not wild about short dresses; its a tiny bit figure-skaterish and the one shoulder looks rather stiff. Maybe if it were strapless, I’d like it more?  I’m torn on this look! I don’t love it but it doesn’t make me cry either.

Here’s a rule everyone can follow: avoid a dress that hits you mid-calf. This length is not flattering to anyone! If Penelope Cruz’s dress was longer or shorter, I’d be content. But a few inches below the knee is never a good place to cut off a gown. It makes you look stumpy. Don’t get me wrong, Penelope is gorgeous. I don’t like the side swept hair (see Mariah above) and would prefer to see her hair flowing or maybe half-up, half- down.

Oh Drew…honey. Call me. I will find you a flattering gown that plays up your beauty and quirkiness. The dress would be so much better without that middle tier, it looks like a bell. I want to ring her. I appreciate the updo but want to smooth it down just a bit. I like the makeup  and her skin looks really nice.  Lets get a sapphire bracelet or ring to jazz up the outfit!

(check out the lady with her green camera in the background)

 Diane Kruger is perfection. At first I though the dress was the color of baby poop but I changed my mind. In person, I bet it was more of a marigold shade and I think it stood out on the red carpet. I love the red lipstick, the accessories, the cut of the gown… A+

Flattering, flowing, love it. Christina Applegate looks fantastic in this dress! Her  hair looks great, makeup is pretty, accessories complement the icy shade of the gown. YES!

Meryl, only one person gets away with wearing sunglasses on the Red Carpet and that is Jack Nicholson! In all seriousness, Meryl Streep looks…okay. I don’t know why but I don’t love the print, too distracting. I appreciate the age-appropriateness of the dress and I do like the belt and accessories, makeup and hair. 

Rachel Zoe, you never go wrong. I know RZ is the stylist behind Kate Hudson’s Red Carpet looks. Kate looks fantastic. White is soooooooo unforgiving. You have to be in perfect shape to pull off a dress like this! Its sexy and sultry and the hair and makeup works with the whole look. I love it.

….and while everyone else was celebrating at the SAG awards, Pamela Anderson was stuck at a Rite-Aid in Pennsylvania (insert sad face) hawking her new fragrance,  Malibu. I bet it smells like David Hasselhoff,  frosted pink Wet N’ Wild lipstick and Malibu Beach Barbie.  On a happy note, I do like the pencil skirt and the shoes.

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