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W3LL PEOPLE – My Top Favorite Small Batch, Non-Toxic Cosmetics

One of the very first clean, green, plant-based makeup companies I discovered when I first began my green beauty journey was W3LL PEOPLE.
W3ll People Makeup Cosmetics

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One of the very first clean, green, plant-based makeup companies I discovered when I first began my green beauty journey was W3LL PEOPLE.

When I first starting using W3LL PEOPLE’s incredible line of clean, non-toxic makeup, they didn’t offer many products, but what they had was fantastic.

W3ll People Clean Makeup Products Are Free from The Following Known-To-Be Harmful Ingredients:

I was (and still am) obsessed with the creamy, dreamy Narcissist Foundation Stick and their lip gloss thanks to the clean ingredients and excellent performance. Since then, they have really expanded what they offer and I am very excited to share their great products with you.

I use W3LL PEOPLE’s products frequently and have several products in constant rotation.

Liquid liner is a must-have in my makeup arsenal. I line my eyes with a pencil first and then go over with liquid to keep everything in place, OR, I use liquid liner by itself. 

The Expressionist Liquid Liner offers a felt tip so you can get close up into those lashes and create a solid line. I love the fact it’s really pigmented, but as smooth as a paintbrush. 

It doesn’t bleed or drip and stays in place for hours.

One of the things I think most people should use on a daily basis is a high-quality sunscreen and when its combined with a tinted moisturizer, its a no-brainer. 

The Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30 covers all bases, protecting skin from the rays of the sun, giving the sun some moisture and a light wash of color hide discoloration and uneven skin tone.

This is what I have been wearing nearly every day. It’s not heavy coverage but ideal for when you want a more naked face. I wear it constantly even when I am home. I have it on right now!

Next, W3LL PEOPLE’s – Organic Bio-Extreme Lipgloss is so shiny and hydrating! I love how it feels. Not sticky or goopy or thick, it’s just a really nice swipe of color with the shine I love. Organic aloe and coconut give lips moisture that lasts for hours.

Also what I am using frequently is the Nudist Lip Butter, this is a lipstick yet also a balm. It’s incredibly smooth with a hint of color. I’ve been layering the lip butter with the gloss over it and the results are healthy, shiny lips that are conditioned and never dry.

I am so grateful for beautiful products like these! There are many to try and many to love here. The Concealer around my tired, old eyes disguises dark circles. Actually, if you have any issues you need to hide (pertaining to the skin)  the Bio Correct Multi-action Concealer is exactly what you need to use.

Only a tiny bit is needed per eye and it blends perfectly using either your fingers or a brush. It brightens the whole eye area and lasts for hours without fading. THANK YOU W3LL PEOPLE!

If the winter weather has you feeling drab and gray, check out the Bio Bronzer Stick. A little well placed dabs of this cream to powder product will have you looking like you spent hours in the sun getting a natural flush of sun-kissed color.

To further brighten up the face, check out the Bio Brightening Cream. Those who appreciate a good highlighting radiance booster will fall head over heels for this! It not only brightens tired complexions (hello!) but diffuses imperfections and brings radiance to the face. Using a special green tea, olive and aloe formula, its nurturing to the skin.

I am obsessively using the Bio Brightener Invisible Powder! After I put on my full face of makeup, I take a fluffy brush and dab this powder all over my face. Its the finishing touch to create a flawless face! I don’t leave home without it.

There’s a slight illumination to the powder that isn’t garish or glittery, it’s just a nice glow to your skin. I feel like this sets my makeup in place and is the finishing touch I need before I walk out the door and face the world. And by facing the world, I mean going to Trader Joes, Nordstrom Rack or my local health food store, which is where you will find me on a weekday morning.

Last but not least, the Nudist Multi-Use Powder Duo.  With a light shimmer, this brightens the face and gives you a natural glow. 

I like the two shades which feature Nude Blush and Nude Glow. The blush is brightening on its own, add a little of the Nude Glow over it as a highlighter and a bit of brightness. Sculpt, highlight, add color, contour…you can do it all with this little duo. 

The blush really warms my skin and my favorite part (aside from being non-toxic) is that it lasts all day!

If you haven’t tried W3ll People, you have to! Its one of the very best green, clean, non-toxic brands and they have amazing customer service.

Natural Expressionist Mascara

My favorite and most tested beauty products are mascaras and liquid liners because I need help bringing out my light eyes and blonde lashes. 

I have been a fan of W3LL PEOPLE’s Natural Expressionist Mascara for years.

It doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes, it separates lashes, adds color and volume and it washes off easily with the gentle cleanser that I use.  This is a multi-award winning product that is much loved by many green beauty-loving people! 

It’s everything you want your mascara to be and more.

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