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VII Code T2 Oxygen Eye Cream for Tired Eyes


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I am really eager to share this eye product with you. I’ve been struggling with allergies and it seems like all of my skin issues have settled around my eye area. Puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines are all I see when I look in the mirror. 

As you know, the skin around your eyes is extremely delicate, it’s one of the first places where your sleepless nights, poor health, stress, and aging will show up!

The VII Code T2 Oxygen Eye Cream came to me at the right time.

My tired eyes needed a boost and this luxurious, high-end cream came to the rescue!

Here’s what you need to know about the VII Code T2 Oxygen Eye Cream:

T2 Oxygen Eye Cream O3.0 uses an “exclusive ‘T2’stone mortar extraction process”, which facilitates the healing and regeneration of damaged skin cells near the eyes by protecting this delicate area of the face and by fading away the first visible signs of aging.

Lightly tap a small amount around the eye area, morning and evening. I apply to the brow bone area too.  Thankfully my sensitive eyes are not bothered by this cream. I feel an immediate difference in my eyes when this cream is applied. Baggy eyes are a thing of the past as the puffiness decreases.

Important key ingredients include:
Evening Primrose which helps to boost circulation, plus Avocado with its essential and nutrient-rich fats, along with Elderberry, a potent anti-oxidant, improves microcirculation, and last but not least, Chamomile which protects skin against free radicals that cause aging.

Check out the ingredients library here, lots of great explanations over a wide variety of ingredients.

This rich cream is luxurious but not heavy, it also absorbs quickly so you can dab concealer on after you apply the cream. The crescent activation strip helps to massage the delicate skin around the eye area. Skin’s natural cellular repair system works with this cream to re-energize the delicate skin around the eyes and improve upon the whole area.

I found that this did help with the puffiness around the eyes which drive me crazy.

The origin of this brand is interesting, it was around the end of the 18th century when Byrne Victor began creating skin treatments in Austria.  Victor learned about skincare from his father and as an adult, when he suffered from a skin ailment, he cured himself by using his own creation. When word got out about Victor’s magical skin potion, the aristocrats wanted this cream.

Napoleon’s wife Josephine used Victor’s products and if it’s good enough for a queen, then it’s good enough for me!

VII Code T2 Oxygen Eye Cream
  • A BEAUTY SECRET WITH 2 CENTURIES HISTORY – VIIcode is a royal brand that was born in the 18th century and managed to survive through time! This wonderful cream was especially formulated by Byrne Victor as an “Ageless Mystery” for the sake of Queen Josephine, the wife of Napoleon. Because of its miraculous results, the formula of this luxurious royal cream was kept secret for 100years. Luckily, now you can have it too!
  • WORKS WONDERS DAY & NIGHT – The amazing formula of VIIcode T2 Oxygen eye cream provides constant care for your eyes. During the day, it helps withstand hypoxia, air pollution, UV light and electron radiation, protecting the skin against external damage. At night, it works to reverse the signs of aging by repairing damaged cells and rejuvenating your skin. Wake up feeling fresh and renewed!
  • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY – With a unique extraction process using mortar made from ice-cave stone, this is different to any other skincare method used and its results are remarkable. VIIcode also uses rare active oxygen plants, hand-picked from around the world and places them in an age-old stone mortar for fermentation under a constant temperature, thus creating a natural skin repair instant activation system designed for the skin around the eyes to look healthy and radiant!

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