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Organys lash and brow boosting serum


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I am always looking for a good lash serum or a way to grow my eyelashes! I’ve tried several lash serums and this one by Organys is one of my favorites.

The serum is made with natural ingredients including nettle root extract, saw palmetto extract, green tea, and peptides.

Nettle is known to be very nutrient dense and full of antioxidants.  Saw Palmetto has been used for years as a help for hair loss plus it contains fatty acids.  Green tea contains loads of antioxidants and peptides are proteins.  Together these ingredients nurture and encourage lash growth.

The consistency is perfect, it’s very light and doesn’t bleed into eyes and cause irritation.  The applicator is a fine tip which helps you get super close to lash line, both upper and lower lashes.  I have applied it morning and evenings and found my lashes are looking healthier, thicker and longer within a two week time period.

I love what this brand is all about:

We’re a wellness brand with a focus on consciousness, community and transparency. We’re on a mission to empower people to live happy and healthy lives. We hold ourselves to the highest standard because we believe that what you put on, in and around your body matters. A lot!

We founded Organys to create safe and effective skin care products that perform. There is no need to choose between what works and what’s good for us.

I’m so impressed with this serum and would love to try more from Organys, check out the Eye Cream and Retinol Cream, two products that caught my eye!

Have you tried anything from this brand? 

Let me know!

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