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La Bella Donna – Natural Mineral Cosmetics


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I am always on the lookout for fantastic makeup and I’m so excited to introduce you to La Bella Donna.

This line of mineral cosmetics uses ingredients that come from the earth.  Their collection offers beautiful products that do not use any harsh chemicals, fragrances, toxins.  What I tried was very gentle on my skin and I loved everything!

Let’s check out La Bella Donna a little more…

I love lipgloss and wear it constantly, my favorites are moisturizing glosses that give a nice shine.

The High Gloss Mineral Lip Sheer Lip Gloss is a smooth gloss that has a very light consistency and gives sheer color.  It’s not sticky, gloopy, tacky or dry.  If you are looking for a gloss to use throughout the day this is the one you need! 

I love the light neutral pink shades which probably work for every skin tone.  I’ve worn it alone or over a lipstick and it works well either way.


La Bella Donna

High Gloss Mineral Lip Sheer Lip Gloss
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Another product that I love is the eyeliner pencils.  La Bella Donna’s Eye Liner Pencils allows you to draw a fine line above the lash line that won’t bother even the most sensitive eyes (mine are super sensitive). 

The color lasts all day and doesn’t smudge once it dries. 

Mascara is another one of my must-have products, my lashes are thin and light so I depend on a good mascara to wake up my face. 

La Bella Donna’s Mineral Mascara contains Vitamin E Acetate and Sunflower Oil, giving lashes some moisture as well as volume and color.

Also worth your time to check out is the CO-EXIST Anti-Aging Face Gel Creme, a lightweight, creamy gel-like skincare product that promises amazing results!

fight the effects of aging and damaging environmental factors, by enhancing the oxygenation and metabolic activity of the skin

I tried a small sample which left me wanting more!

Check out the entire line of products by going here.

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