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California Baby Sunscreen and Skincare – Pure & Safe Skincare

How could you not want to protect baby skin from the harsh elements or keep them away from chemicals? California Baby offers lots of products that are completely natural and safe for new or old skin.

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How could you not want to protect baby skin from the harsh elements or keep them away from chemicals?

California Baby offers lots of products that are completely natural and safe for new or old skin. If you have super sensitive skin, these products which range from massage oils to bug spray to detangler, are for you.

Developed by Jessica Iclisoy, the products are organic and cruelty-free. Jessica practices what she preaches and lives a very eco-friendly lifestyle. You can read all about her here. After learning more about Jessica, I want to be her BFF!

I tested 3 items from the California Baby line.

 I use the California Baby – Calming Hair Detangler Spray  on my daughter’s bird nest of tangled, wet hair. The little girl on the label looks like my daughter and she even asked me how her picture got on there. It smells lovely and works well, with no irritants or harsh ingredients within miles of this hair product or any other California Baby item. Adults can use the detangler too and it’s safe for color-treated hair (yay!).

California Baby – Calming Hair Detangler Spray
  • GENTLE, PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Our Hair Detangler Spray is made with plant-based and organic ingredients. Herbal extracts effectively soften and detangle hair while protein-rich quinoa helps increase hair’s natural shine and minimize split end damage.
  • DETANGLES HAIR & ADDS SHINE: Our gentle hair detangler spray for kids works miracles, even on curly or thick hair. Simply spray on wet or dry hair and comb through! Our vegan kids detangler spray doesn’t make hair greasy, and is safe for chemically treated hair.
  • BEAUTIFUL, LIGHT LAVENDER SCENT: No synthetic fragrances – California Baby detangler spray is scented with French lavender and Clary sage essential oils which leaves hair lightly scented with a lavender fragrance.

Next, I tested the California Baby SPF 30 Sunscreen for Super Sensitive Skin  when I went for my early morning walk. I rubbed this all over my hands, neck, and face. I get nervous about applying things to my face because I don’t want my pores to clog, resulting in unsightly pimples. I used a generous amount which didn’t cause my eyes to tear or my skin to erupt.

It applied nicely leaving no residue and washed off easily when I came home. It was not greasy or heavy which is important to me. I can use it on my children and even on my tiny little infant niece, it’s very safe for all skin.

California Baby SPF 30 Sunscreen for Super Sensitive Skin
  • VERY EFFECTIVE PHYSICAL SUNSCREEN – BROAD SPECTRUM PROTECTION: Our baby sunscreen blocks both UVA + UVB rays and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. This sunblock combines the effectiveness of our sunscreen with soothing benefits of Calendula.
  • MINERAL SUNSCREEN – BABY SAFE INGREDIENTS: This physical sunscreen is highly rated by EWG for ingredient safety. The active ingredient is non-nano Titanium Dioxide. California Baby makes benzene free sunscreen that is independently lab tested.
  • SUNBLOCK SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN + REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN: Our baby sunscreen functions as a physical barrier and is not absorbed into the skin like chemical sunscreens. Free of irritating chemicals like oxybenzone and homosalate. Reef friendly sunscreen!

The third California Baby product I tested was the California Baby Calendula Moisturizing Cream . It’s a pot of lotion for dry skin, can be used on cuts and scrapes, cradle cap if your baby suffers from that, eczema, and can be used on the face. It’s a general, all-purpose kind of product that is safe and gentle for all skin sensitivities. My kids get tiny bumps on their skin in the winter so this is a must-use product for them although I’ve been hogging it myself and using it on my hands.

California Baby Calendula Moisturizing Cream
  • SOOTHES DRY, IRRITATED SKIN: This award winning cream is made for ALL AGES – including babies, kids, and adults with sensitive skin. Calendula cream is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.
  • SAFE PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Our Calendula Cream is made with purified water and contains organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals. Can be used on the face and body.
  • BEAUTIFUL LIGHT SCENT: Scented with pure essential oils that are tested pesticide free. No synthetic fragrances or phthalates. The light scent of California Baby Calendula Cream is a calming blend of French lavender and clary sage.

I always have to have lotion nearby for my hands but I’m willing to share.

I never gave a whole lot of thought to products being organic, natural, or healthy. I’ve always teetered on the healthy end of the spectrum but wasn’t hardcore or militant about it. I recently learned about animal by-products that go into cosmetics and lotions and am looking into products that are completely safe to use for my kids and myself. I loved and wholeheartedly stand behind California Baby products! I read through the site, tested the products, and would love to use more of them like the Bug Repellent and the Essential Oils.

I admire Jessica for launching the line and being so involved in every aspect of creating these safe products. Please visit the site here.

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