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Recipe: Watermelon Salsa

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This is one of my favorite recipes from my Low Oxalate Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook! It’s so perfect for spring and summer, a light side dish or snack, it goes well with a variety of main dishes.

Feel free to add more mint and orange juice to suit your preferences, I want to encourage you to adjust the flavors to suit your preferences!


Contains vitamin C and lycopene which are free radical fighting anti-oxidants

Is high in potassium

The Amino acids in watermelon help with inflammation

Aids in digestion

Because it’s so nutritious, it helps in the prevention of kidney disorders, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, heat stroke, macular degeneration, and impotence! (source)


Get out these tools: small bowl, medium bowl, knife, cutting board


1/2 small watermelon, cut into pieces

1/2 cucumber, cut into small pieces

1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint

1/4 cup avocado oil

juice from 1/2 orange

Combine oil plus juices in a small bowl. In a medium bowl, mix cucumber, watermelon, and mint. Drizzle juice mixture over watermelon and cucumber.


I wanted to use lime juice as the main citrus juice in the ‘dressing’ but I only had oranges so I used that and liked the flavor. The mint gives a burst of freshness and the watermelon is naturally sweet, cucumber is crisp and clean. This can be thrown together quickly and goes well with my recipes for the Beef Wrap and Mexican Corn.

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