Practical Travel Tips

As I mentioned before, I LOVE TO TRAVEL. Exploring a new place is one of my very favorite things to do, right up there with reading a good book, being out in nature with my camera, quality time with my loved ones and a good, hot cup of coffee!

Now that my kids are older, I am hoping to travel more and write all about what I am seeing and doing, specifically gluten-free travel.

I have some tips to share with you since we are entering prime travel season.

Check it out!

1 If you take pills or supplements, take a look at the Pill Suite. This nifty gadget helps you divide your pills and place them in their own little baggie so you can take exactly what you need. I take a bunch of vitamins and they are usually floating around in a baggie or get lost or I lose count.

This makes it so easy to have exactly what you need. Take a look here. 

I don’t have one but it looks neat, this is something I would for sure use!

2. Are you traveling to a new city and need to figure out your transportation? Want to take an Uber? What about Lyft? Fare Estimatehelps compare the cost of each service so you can determine which is more cost-effective. Type in your starting location and destination and a comparison will pop up. Very helpful! Also check out What’s The Fare.

3. The cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday. Early mornings or the “red eye” flights are typically less expensive than other times a day.  Best day to buy an airline ticket is Tuesday because that is when airlines release the sale prices. I go on Kayak or Expedia to compare prices of airfare.

4. You can check out the cost of tickets all over the USA with this handy map. I like to see the cost of tickets and figure out where I’d like to visit next. Also, set your price and where you are flying from.

5. Read the reviews on Trip Advisor and take notes! This might seem like a no-brainer but those reviews can be worth the time to sift through. I not only look at how many stars a place has received, but I take the time to read everything. I have been saved from booking some lousy hotels recently. I like finding important information and I seek out reviews that indicate if the hotel is in a safe area, is there transportation nearby, are the rooms clean, is the hotel located within walking distance to restaurants or a grocery store? How helpful is are the people who work there? Ease of check-in? Any nuggets of info are noted, especially when people recommend restaurants or things to do within their hotel review.

6. Find if your hotel or Airbnb is close to a Whole Foods. I’ve learned that going to the salad bar or the hot foods buffet is an ideal way to save money on lunch or dinner. A salad might cost about $12 which is a ten dollar saving at least for dinner.

Because of my limited diet, I can pick and choose what I want/can eat. It saves me from anxiety and aggravation, trying to find a place to eat, hoping they have gluten-free food, taking the time to sit down and wait, sometimes I want to grab my food and go. I also start each trip with a visit to Whole Foods since there is at least one in every major city. I get my water, some snacks, fruit, anything I need while I am on the go. Once on vacation, I bought muffins from the bakery for myself, cereal for the kids and we ended up having breakfast in the hotel to save on time.

7. If you are gluten-free like me, download the Find Me Gluten Free app for your smartphone! This has been a must-have for me as I have traveled and needed to find places to eat that either offer GF food or are dedicated gluten-free. The app gives you directions via google maps so you can walk or drive.

8. A very important tip for travel: wear comfortable shoes! I have been in countless situations where I wear cute shoes but end up with back/hip pain because there is zero arch support. The comfort of your feet, hips and back can break your trip. I wore knock-off Birkenstocks and ended up crying and also buying new shoes mid-trip. The best shoes I have found are:

Nikes similar to this style here These feel like you are walking on air. They are extremely lightweight and durable.

Puma Softfoam Sneakers here, these are so comfortable! I wore them to walk all over Vancouver in August and never had a blister. These are the sneakers I wear most often.

Birkenstocks Don’t go with the knockoffs, get the real deal!

I ordered a pair of the Arizona ones last year and Lucky Feet sent me a pair of random flannel slippers instead. I never did get the Birkenstocks that I wanted which are the traditional ones you see most people wearing. I have the Mayari style, which I’ve worn around New York City and they give great support to the feet, legs, and back. I HIGHLY recommend them.

I also like TOMS which are light and easy to pack since they don’t take up much room in your suitcase. I always throw my black TOMS in my bag in case I need to change my shoes. Also easy to take on and off at the airport. If you are doing a ton of walking, which I plan on during my trip to San Francisco, do yourself a favor and pack flip-flops.

Your feet might swell, you may get blisters, and its welcome relief to change out of your shoes. They are easy to toss in a backpack, which I recommend carrying even though it screams TOURIST. Who cares? Bring snacks, your camera, a portable charger and phone, plus water.

And don’t forget to bring Band-Aids, always good to have on hand! And an umbrella!

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