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By Caroline Leavitt

Mention PMS and every woman knows exactly what you’re talking about (and every man should, too), but this PMS skincare is for Peri-Menopausal Skin. It addresses the changing hormones of your skin–an event which isn’t always pretty. Blemishes are often deeper and they need more gentle detoxifying to decongest the skin from within. The Answer for Skin’s PMS System cleanses, tones, balances, clarifies and helps “moody” skin feel better, look better, and absolutely glow. Created by a woman who noticed how her skin was changing as she aged, she set about to do something about those pesky fine lines, annoying age spots and dreaded wrinkles.

Included in the system are PMS Balance moisturizing lotion, packed with sweet orange, rosemary, Moroccan argan oil and more; PMS Cleanse face wash, which gently cleans deeply and effectively; PMS Clarify toning mist which tightens tones and balances skin; PMS spot treatment, a non-drying treatment for hormonal blemishes; and PMS Clear facial mask with soothing green tea to brighten your skin, clean pores and even exfoliate.

Hey, no one wants to get older, but isn’t it fab that can keep older skin dewy, glowing and absolutely beautiful?

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