Part One. Natural makeup, where to start?


I feel like everything would be so much easier if cosmetics companies decided to take out all those bad chemicals and use natural ingredients! Once I began reading the list of ingredients in the makeup I used, it was hard to continue using them. I wanted to toss everything that wasn’t pure. But that would be sort of foolish and wasteful.  I’ve been picking and choosing carefully what I put on my face, skin and hair. 1korres21-4142825

Korres is a natural brand that is sold in Sephora. I knew it was a Greek  brand and that’s all I knew. I tested a few products and liked what I used especially knowing they didnt fill their products with toxins.

The Face Primer is wonderful because it does not contain any Silicone. There’s a bit of a debate with Silicone, whether or not its truly harmful. I’d chose to not use it if I have the choice.

This primer is smooth, silky and preps skin for foundation with all natural goodies like citrus honey, vitamin E and jojoba oil to name a few. The Mango butter lipstickis smooth and creamy with an spf 10 and smooth color. It contains mango butter with vitamins C and E. The shea butter infused Lip Butter is ideal for over the lipstick because it gives a bit more shine plus its ultra hydrating!

For those of you who don’t wear mascara due to irritants or allergies, this is one to try. Korres mascarais made with Rice Bran! You cant get much more natural than that. It also contains pro vitamin B5 to strengthen lashes. Its perfect for day use since it  coats with color that doesn’t dry out the lashes. It looks very natural and washes off easily.


Another all natural brand is Josie Maran.The famous supermodel utilitizes natural Argan oil in all of her cosmetics. Her Argan oil is pure , not mixed with a host of other ingredients. You can use it as a moisturizer, hair conditioner, lotion, pretty much any where you need it. I dabbed it around my dry eye area and used it on the ends of my hair to tame flyaways.

The Get One Give One mascara does a wonderful job of coating lashes with smooth color. The mascara keeps lashes soft but dark and the volumizing formula thickens lashes too. Josie Maran Cosmetics teamed up with City of Hope cancer patients/survivors to donate Get One Give One mascaras. You can read all about this initiative here.

I am still using my Vapour Organic Beauty foundation which I love and highly recommend! There are fantastic natural products to use and I’m determined to find the best and share with you.

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