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Hamadi Beauty features products that are made with 100% organic essential oils and plant extracts, you can’t get much more natural than that! They just feel good for you as you use them. Each product carries a nicely subtle scent and the items I tested seemed gentle enough for a baby to use! Ginger Soymilk… Read More Hamadi

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Caviar Rapid Repair Spray LIFE Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner How many times I’ve read about or heard about Alterna, I cannot tell you. A friend of mine had terribly dry color- treated hair and her hair stylist recommended she use the Alterna Hemp line. After she used it, her tresses looked amazing. I was intrigued.… Read More Alterna


Booty Parlor

Cruisin’ for a Bronzin’ Don’t Stop Massage Oil I’m So Sexy Lip Gloss I was really thrilled to review Booty Parlor products. I have to say, everything I received exeeded my expectations! The packaging is super feminine and flirty, just the right combination of fun and pretty. Everything was packed in a box surrounded by… Read More Booty Parlor