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By Caroline Leavitt

I’ve often been accused of being overly sensitive, and that goes for my skin, too. Fragile, pale, quick to take offense, my skin needs constant pampering and a lot of gentle help from product lines. That’s why I love La Roche products. The Physicological Micellar Solution is meant for tender skin like mine. It lifts up dirt on the skin’s surface without disturbing the delicate physiological balance. Plus, it contains, Poloxamer, a cleansing ingredient so mild, they use it in contact lens solution. This wondrous product cleans, soothes and tones dry, dehydrated skin like mine, and it does it…well, beautifully. My skin loved it, and I bet yours will, too.

Of course, I also wanted to try the Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub. It has a gentle chemical exfoliation to boost cell turnover, and it cleanses and tones the skin with tender, loving care. My skin felt lustrous and smooth and the product also has a faint, luscious scent to it, that’s an extra perk.

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