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I have always wanted to visit Europe but being afraid of super long flights has what has kept me from moving forward with those travel plans. When I sat down to figure out where I’d like to go, I decided to focus on the USA. You don’t need a passport and you don’t have to fly too far.  We all speak English and use the US dollar so there’s no language problem or issues with money.

The United States has tons of gorgeous places to see, lots of National Parks, big cities, history. Every time I have been to Alaska, I have enjoyed my time there immensely and I  HIGHLY recommend an Alaskan cruise. Everyone should experience sailing past the glaciers, the mountains, breathe in the clean crisp air and feast your eyes on the raw beauty of nature. I have seen whales in the ocean, eagles in the trees, have walked through a rainforest and have eaten fresh Dungeness crab. I have visited a musk ox farm and seen reindeer up close.



If you have a list of places to see and things to do, make sure Alaska is on there. And that is just one of many places to enjoy!

Here are my Top Bucket List Travel Destinations in the USA!



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1.Yellowstone National Park

Established in 1872, Yellowstone was the country’s first national park. It is located in Wyoming as well as Montana and Idaho. You probably associate the geyser Old Faithful with Yellowstone, it erupts every ninety minutes or so. There is also a lot of beautiful nature and scenery to take in, walking trails, waterfalls, mud volcanoes, and hikes.

I would definitely have my camera out snapping pictures here!



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2. Savannah, Georgia

Fun fact about me, I was accepted to the Savannah College Of Art and Design with a scholarship but I didn’t go. It’s my biggest regret in life!

I still have yet to visit this southern city and it’s been high on my travel list for years. When I think of Savannah, I imagine a quaint little town full of neat architecture and history. I’d like to visit the parks, churches, see the moss covered oak trees, and visit the historic mansions.




3. River Cruise 

While I have done a lot of cruises to different places, I have yet to do a river cruise! There are several available in the United States and they look like they’d be a lot of fun. There are various cruises available but I have been eyeing the ones that go up and down the Mississippi River.

The complete river cruise takes you to an amazing ten states in twenty-two days, look here. Can you even imagine how interesting that would be? Other routes include sailing from New Orleans to charming cities along the river. The beauty of a River Cruise is its a smaller ship with more personalized attention, excursions are included in the price, and you get to explore the history of the USA.

I am already thinking of the history I’d learn and the photos I’d take!





4. New Orleans

I have been to New Orleans many years ago and want to go back. We stayed at the Hotel Monteleone and didn’t realize until we returned home that our room was haunted. Yes, that explains the crying woman we heard one night, the scraping noises and other oddities!

I absolutely loved this city and it was a whirlwind of trying to pack in as much as possible within a few days. I visited before I was diagnosed with a celiac, so now I’d like to go back and see about the gluten-free options. My photography skills have gotten better and I’d enjoy the chance to soak up more of the history, architecture, and interesting places of New Orleans, not to mention visits to plantations! There is a lot to see and do including the French Quarter, Garden District, cemeteries, Magazine Street, and more!




5. Cape Cod

I grew up on the East Coast and while I was lucky to visit a lot of places, Cape Cod is one that I have never seen! And I want to. I imagine cute shops and pretty beaches, lighthouses, flowers spilling over window boxes, beautiful old homes, whale watching excursions, and museums.

There are lots of little inns and taverns, you can take a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, visit cranberry bogs, go bike riding…this is definitely a place I want to visit!





There are so many places to see in the USA!

I’d love to explore more of Washington DC and the many museums there, I want to see more of the beautiful state of Maine, go to Rockport MA, drive up the coast of California, take a trip to Nashville TN, Charleston SC, Sequoia National Park, and the list goes on… what is on your list of places to see?



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