My organic month…


After I read No More Dirty Looks, about the toxic side of the beauty industry, it was like a switch had  been flipped. Suddenly I was interested in finding organic beauty products. Non- sulfate shampoos and natural oils for the skin, products with ingredients that I could identify. Chemicals to stay away from. Toxins like heavy metals in products that I‘ve been using everyday.


I started the month of September thinking I would go organic for thirty days and see what happened. I imagined reviewing all the organic products I could in a month, surely there were a thirty brands, one for each day.

Little did I know that there are tons of wonderful organic products that work well, if not better than what you might be using right now. I love natural products, I’m grateful there are many to choose from. 

 I’ve learned so much in this last month. I’ve also become a little bit scared of my cabinets bulging with products that contain lead, mercury, aluminum. My hope is that the major mega conglomerates who lead the way in personal care product manufacturing will begin to incorporate natural ingredients.

I’m going to continue writing about organic, natural products, I can’t stop now. Its like switching to junk food after being on a fast. Its hard for me, as a beauty writer, as someone who loves nothing more than a fabulous new mascara or lipgloss to stop writing about the big brands that make gorgeous products. I think of using these products as a treat, something to be brought out for occasional use.


In closing, educate yourself. Be healthy. Natural is beautiful. 

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