My Cookbook is Out Today!

I am so excited to share that my cookbook is out!


I wrote about the journey to being a cookbook author here and now my work has come to fruition and it’s so thrilling to hold it in my hands.

My goal in writing this was to help those who have to watch their oxalates which is a real challenge, especially if you are also gluten-free. Choosing foods and making meals on strict diet seems insurmountable and I know a lot of people needed a resource to make it easier.  My goal is to help!

In this book, you will find clear information regarding oxalates, lists, places where I shop, meal plans, and much more.

I know what its like to stand in the kitchen and wonder what to make for dinner when you have to avoid high oxalates, keep everything gluten-free, avoid nuts, soy, yeast, and white sugar. The good news is that there is food you can eat and there are meals you can make. Just because you have to watch your oxalates doesn’t mean you have to give up on delicious food.

So many people are unfamiliar with oxalates and are surprised when I tell them what they are and how they are toxins found in very healthy foods.

These toxins can really affect health and cause pain and inflammation.

Take a look:



You can find information and more on my Pinterest board where I try to keep updating the newest info regarding Oxalates.

Crystals may also form in the bones, joints, blood vessels, lungs, and even the brain. In addition, oxalate crystals in the bone may crowd out the bone marrow cells, leading to anemia and immunosuppression. In addition to autism and kidney disease, individuals with fibromyalgia and women with vulvar pain (vulvodynia) may suffer from the effects of excess oxalates.

Oxalate crystals may cause damage to various tissues. The sharp crystals may cause damage due to their physical structure and may also increase inflammation. Iron oxalate crystals may also cause significant oxidative damage and diminish iron stores needed for red blood cell formation. Oxalates may also function as chelating agents and may chelate many toxic metals such as mercury and lead. Unlike other chelating agents, oxalates trap heavy metals in the tissues.

Keeping reading the article by going here, there’s a ton of important facts.


Please feel free to reach out if you purchase the cookbook and it helps you!


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