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mineral-essence-shimmer-24k-1644908If you love mineral makeup but haven’t yet tried Mineral Essence, I suggest you do so.  ME is formulated with anti-oxidants so its like wearing skin care on your face as you apply the powders. Its also extremely lightweight and the consistency is so silky smooth and fine grained, its feels like velvet.

I tested the Magic Finish which can be used after applying your makeup, to set and complete your look. I’ve also used this in place of my foundation and it has held up well. I love the feeling of this product on my skin. You don’t need a lot, just a bit of this on a brush, swept across your face will do the trick.

The blush is pretty concentrated so you don’t need a lot. It also has that lovely silky texture that I love so much. And the color lasts long which I’m grateful for because I hate looking pale! I need a pop of color in my cheeks. The shimmers (I use this as an eye shadow) are concentrated in color so you do not need to load your brush with color. The idea is to apply a little and use more as needed. These contain ‘powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals’.

The lipgloss is so delicious- it has a wonderful vanilla essence which smells so good! The glosses are made from plant and flower extracts and do an excellent job of keeping lips hydrated. The gloss is neither heavy or tacky as some glosses can be.

Mineral Essence is a wonderful brand, I’m highly impressed with the quality of the products and the fact they are so good for the skin! Please go here for more information and to see for yourself what its all about.

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