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Vapour Beauty – organic, natural makeup you must give a try!

v3-6019677Don’t think of organic beauty products as smelling like a health food store, being chalky or thick, or having pieces of plants in them. I really did imagine that organic, natural beauty products would be for lack of better term, gross. I don’t know why I had that in my brain because organic beauty is wonderful! Amazing! So worthwhile to look into.

Take Vapour Organic Beauty for example. I tried three products from this line, Aura Blush in Shimmer Whisper, Stratus Instant Skin Perfecter and Atmosphere Luminous Foundation and after I tested them I was left longing for more products from Vapour.

The Stratus Instant Skin Perfecter is a primer that will not clog pores, it brightens the skin tone and makes skin appear more luminous. I have used this and nothing else on my skin and like how my fine lines are blurred and my skin looks better.

Not only is this, as all products from Vapour Beauty, created from organic and natural ingredients but it also contains botanicals.

The Atmosphere Luminous foundation is creamy and blends well. The best way for me to apply this, since it is in stick form, is to dot it all over my face and blend with my fingers or a brush. This product is quite silky and doesn’t do anything to make me reach for extra powder- it covers, events out my skin, doesn’t sit in my pores and make them look like craters, and my skin is not shiny an hour after applying it.

Another thing I love about Vapour, is the fact they list all ingredients on their website so you can see what goes into their products and what you are putting on your skin. Do you remember that your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it? So make sure what’s going on your skin is good for you and non-toxic!


Lastly is the Aura Blush Shimmer in Whisperis buildable, blendable color with a bit of shimmer. You can use it everywhere- eyes, cheeks, lips. I like it on my cheeks for a soft glow. Sometimes I add it over my bronzing powder. The color is a flattering shade of pink, its not drying and looks dewy and natural on cheeks.

What else can I say? These products use botanicals, natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals so I have to give Vapour Organic Beauty an A+.

Learn more about this brand by visiting their website.Check out the lipglosses….I want one in every color!

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