Naked Nails and Beauty Balm from Urban Decay


Nearly every beauty loving girl has the Naked Palette by Urban Decay in her cosmetics arsenal. The versatile eyeshadow palette features a range of flattering, neutral colors for every skin tone. You can wear them alone, mix and match, use a flat angled brush to apply like eyeliner against the lash line. I love my palette and when I’m in the mood for neutrals, I grab this. I have yet to get the Naked Palette 2 because I’m too busy loving the original.

Now comes the Naked Nail Polish kit with six shades thats work perfectly alongside the Naked Palette. There’s a creamy color, metallic, sparkle, nude, dark and a cool, sparkly gray for when you want to be a little edgy.

If you haven’t tried a BBCream yet, start with this one called the Naked Skin Beauty Balm. There’s only one color available, its created to suit every skin color and tone. This BB smooths skin and erases blemishes, minimizes redness, creates smaller looking pores and can be worn alone.

If you have dry skin, apply this after your moisturizer. It’s a light consistency and gives skin a ‘no makeup’ look. It blends well, and after using it for several weeks, you will notice a firmer skin tone. Sometimes I use this as a primer, it works extra well with my new fave foundation, the Naked Skin Liquid Makeup.

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