All about false eyelashes


With MAC lashes #3, you will have full on glamour girl lashes like my favorite, Marilyn Monroe. These are so beautiful! You only need a hint of mascara then apply these! MAC has many lashes to choose from whether you want individual lashes or a band of flirty fringes.

Every makeup artist I know loves to work with the MAC lashes.

I used to think false eyelashes were for drag queens, performers and divas. I never used them fearing my lashes would fuse together and I would remove my own lashes along with the fake ones. Plus, I didn’t want to look like a stripper or a showgirl. Just this past year, I tested the waters of false lashes and I like what I see!

You can buy false lashes individually or a full band. Drugstores like CVS and Walgreens sell lashes for under $4. You need to buy the glue as well. Personally, I find a full band of lashes easier to apply than a small cluster.

MAC has really excellent lashes in all different styles. When applied correctly, no one can tell you are wearing them. The ones above, MAC Lash #35 are very retro and funky and people will probably notice these. The band is flexible and will adjust to fit the shape of your lid.

I never wore false lashes on my lower lash line. I feel just like Twiggy with these! I love a dramatic look. And the clear band makes these easy to blend in with your real lash line.

MAC Lash#39 Applying lashes takes a really steady hand. I was getting ready to attend an event in Hollywood

and I wanted to add some lashes for an extra POW! It took me at least twenty minutes to adhere the lashes to my eyes. My fingers felt thick and unsteady, I just couldn’t get the angle of the lashes on correctly. I was so upset that I ended up scrapping the whole idea.

That’s where this nifty tool comes in.

Japonesque Soft Touch Lash Placement Kit makes it super easy to apply the lashes.

There came a point in time when I was applying individual lashes to the outer corners of my eyes every day. Drag queen and stripper is not the look I’m going for but glamour girl? Absolutely!

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