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lavanila-550-6538208After reading so much about health and trying to eat better, it only makes sense to consider what I’m putting on my body as well as in it. Did you know that metals like mercury (used in dental fillings) and aluminum are toxic?

Deodorant is where you will find aluminum, its a fact. Aluminum in deodorant has been used for years and years but recently I discovered the little known fact that its been linked to Alzheimer’s and brain disorders and is a potential risk factor in breast cancer.

Knowing this, I’ve been on the lookout for an aluminum free deodorant that works. I’ve been using this one from Lavanila,it smells amazing and it works well.  There are no harmful ingredients in this product which makes me love it even more. If its a particularly hot day or I’m doing a lot, I may reapply once in the afternoon. Not a bad trade off considering there are no mineral oils, sulfates, or any of the bad chemicals you want to steer clear of.


Another Lavanila product I’ve been using daily is the Body Butter. You won’t find mineral oils, sulfates or parabens. Nothing but pure shea and cocoa butters blended together into a luscious scent, imparting loads of moisture. You can read through the list of ingredients and understand each one, no chemicals or toxins to be found. 

I want to test and review each product that Lavanila offers and they offer a lot. Lavanila make  everything from baby care to sunscreens and candles, lip butter and more. For those people with  sensitive skin or allergies, I suggest you try this luxurious brand. For more information, please go here.

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