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facial_sunbrellas72-102x300-2198146Are you familiar with Jason Natural Products? This brand has been around for years and I think they were  among the first to pioneer organic skincare products. Plants, minerals, vitamins, flowers, herbs, various natural ingredients are what make up Jason’s product line.

I am looking for more natural products these days. So I was very excited to try this sunscreen from Jason Sunbrellas, the Facial Sunblock with an spf 20. I also tested a lip protectant that contains an SPF, perfect for the  beach or when I’m working in the yard (which I loathe). I certainly don’t want my lips to lose collagen or become thinner or dry so its important to nourish them like you would the rest of your face.

There are  many chemicals in sunscreens, have you noticed? Once I start reading what goes into many products, I don’t want to use them any more. I’m happy that Jason is safe and gentle, pure enough to use on a baby. The smell reminds me of old fashioned sunscreen which always puts me in a good mood.

From the website: “Evening Primrose Oil and Sea Kelp Extractnourish skin while guarding it from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Soothes and calms skin with Aloe Vera Gel.”

There are other varieties of this sunscreen which you can view here.  I am loving the organic skin/sun care and makeup that’s been cropping up lately. Keep it coming!

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