Jamaica: A Journey In Travel Pictures


During our Royal Caribbean cruise last year, one of our stops was Jamaica. You might think about sitting on the beach and relaxing but when I am on vacation, my goal is to see as much as I can and take loads of photos.  There is plenty of time to sit and relax and read on a cruise. During the time in ports, I want to be on the go.



We visited the Good Hope Great House in Falmouth. Here are some details:

“The Good Hope Great House sits nestled in the northern foothills of the Cockpit Country. It began as a sugar estate in 1744 by Colonel Thomas Williams after he was granted 1,000 acres of land.

Sitting on the top of a slight elevation, it commands a sweeping view of the Queen of Spain Valley all the way to the rising mountain ranges that comprise the Cockpit Country.

The house was sold in 1767 to 23 year old John Tharp, who subsequently increased the size of the property and his holdings, through the aacquisitionof several neighboring estates, to 9,000 acres and approximately 3,000 slaves. John Tharp became a major landowner and sugar trader known for his benevolence in the way he treated his slaves.

Over the years, Good Hope grew into a village with its own church, a 300-bed hospital used to treat slaves, and a Free School that taught the slaves how to read and write. It is likely it is these acts of kindness that spared the estate and its Great House from the ravishes of the slave uprising when a great many great houses were destroyed.

The plantation prospered well after the abolition of slavery. The ownership of the property changed several times over the years, but the sugar factory continued in operation until 1902.”






I take a lot of photos out of the window of the tour bus. One of my favorite captures is people doing their day to day activities. I don’t want to miss anything!



The plants are beautiful, so green and lush. The house itself was interesting to walk through and I took many photos from inside too. I was drawn to the outside however, all of that green was a feast for the eyes.


Have you ever seen so many shades of green?

I love to walk around and explore everything. Sometimes I find things that other people don’t see.




I focus on the smallest flowers as well as the landscape and view.




“The grounds and surrounding properties are extensive and beautiful. Tharp bought several neighboring estates; Covey, Lansquinet, Merrywood, Pantrepant, Potosi, Top Hill, Wales, Windsor, Bunkers Hill, Unity and Dean’s Valley, for a total of 9,000 acres.

It is much smaller today, approximately 2,000 acres, and the small village located away from the Great house, has several well preserved buildings of the Georgian architecture of the time. The churchyard is a walk through history, with old tombstones dating hundreds of years. The location of the Good Hope property, at the foot hills of the Cockpit country, is a nature lover’s paradise. At dusk, the tranquility permeates and envelopes, and at dawn it comes alive with the songs of wild birds.”


If you find yourself in Jamaica, I highly recommend a visit to this place, it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

You can find more information by going here.




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