Discovering toxic chemicals in my personal care products


The path to my discovery of toxins in the beauty and personal care products I was using daily has been a long one.  

Although I’ve been writing about beauty for several years, I had no idea about the dangerous chemicals that were, by law, allowed to be an ingredient in my favorite makeup, skincare, and hair care products.

I was clueless.

I’ve written about this before,  but I’ll quickly bring you up to date…

I was searching for ways to make my unmanageable, frizzy hair smooth and wanted my curls more pronounced. This led me to the Curly Girl Method of caring for hair and learning about steering clear of certain silicones in hair products.

My discovery of the harmful effects some silicone-based hair products have been known to cause lead me to read up on the ingredients in other hair products I had used or was currently using.

That path led me to read more about toxins in not only hair care products, but toxins in makeup and personal care products like deodorant and body lotion.

I had known about natural, clean makeup. (originally, I mistakenly had believed natural makeup to be subpar… read about natural beauty myths here) And I couldn’t ignore the facts about the dangers of parabens, the links from toxins to causes of breast cancer, and studies done on chemicals in makeup leading to a host of health problems that weren’t limited to cancer.

Once you know all about this, you can’t ignore it… at least I couldn’t.

12 common toxic cosmetics ingredients to avoid


Throwing Out Toxic Products - The 5 Stages of Grief

When I found out so many of the products I used were toxic, I did a clean sweep of my beauty arsenal.

It wasn’t easy sorting through ALL of my makeup, skincare and hair care products, and it was even harder to throw out the products I found with toxins.

  • 1. DENIAL - My luxury lipstick that cost me $30 can’t possibly be toxic! My hair serum can't be bad for my hair! 
  • 2. ANGER - What the heck? Why would companies knowingly add lead and other toxins to my makeup? How can makers of these products I put all over my body be so careless? 
  • 3. BARGAINING - I’ll throw out some of my hair care, makeup, and lotions, but I’m keeping the expensive stuff...
  • 4. DEPRESSION -  I have nothing! I just threw away hundreds of dollars worth of makeup. What am I going to write about? My blog will fail. I’ll lose readers, and I won’t get to wear my favorite yet toxic lip gloss... ugh.
  • 5. ACCEPTANCE - I will take control over my health and cancer prevention (it runs in my family). I will encourage people to do the same. I will seek out the best natural, non-toxic clean beauty products, and share the best clean beauty products and companies with everyone.

Companies making clean products

How can companies continue to use toxins in their products and still have a clear conscience? With a strong history of breast cancer in my family, I decided to be proactive and use clean, non-toxic products from head to toe. 

I have done so and I haven’t turned back.

Luckily there are many companies who have made awesome, clean beauty products and I haven’t missed my old toxic products. In fact, I have new love and appreciation for clean, green beauty products. I have met numerous people who create products that have blown my mind and made me a nature beauty product lover!

Here are some of my favorite clean beauty products that I have discovered since going natural – some are handmade with the finest organic ingredients, others are mineral based. Check them out:

Acure Organics

Vapour Organic Beauty

RMS beauty

Mineral Fusion

Red Apple Lipstick

W3ll People

Alima Pure

100% Pure

Pacifica Beauty

Discovering toxic chemicals in my personal care products
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